Boost your knowledge, skills and connections, and graduate with hands-on experience

At Griffith, work-integrated learning experiences allow you to put what you've learned in the classroom into practice. Through work placements, internships and projects, you can expand your network and your horizons, as well as gain credit towards your degree.

WIL also offers you a chance to think about and do things differently—to adapt, be agile and demonstrate creativity and resilience. These are key transferable skills that attract employers and will help you hit the ground running as you embark on a career in a new world of work.

Benefits of work-integrated learning

Develop connections

Develop professional connections to open doors to future work opportunities

Gain experience

Work in professional settings to gain industry experience for when you graduate

Develop skills

Learn new skills and enhance existing ones

Gather knowledge

Develop and draw on knowledge that directly relates to your courses

Boost employability

Build your employability and sought-after attributes, so you can stand out from the job-seeking crowd

Contribute to community

Enjoy the sense of achievement that comes from giving back to the community and being involved in positive change.

Engage with others

Engage in teamwork and problem solving, and learn to communicate effectively

Sense of identity

Develop your professional identity and become job ready

How WIL works

Work-integrated learning is embedded in many of our programs, which means you may need to complete a work placement as part of your degree. However, we also have a range of additional WIL opportunities open to all students. You can also explore the WIL opportunities offered by our academic groups, which are relevant to their individual schools.

Opportunities for all

Community internships

Check out the range of local and global community internships open to all students.

With hundreds of roles spanning a variety of industries⁠—here and abroad⁠—there's something for everyone.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Griffith Innovate offers a range of WIL opportunities relevant to all careers and industries, such as the 3 Day Startup and Griffith Innovation Challenge.

Explore Griffith Innovate to find out more.

Academic group WIL opportunities

Arts, Education and Law

Each school within the Arts, Education and Law academic group has its own student opportunities. See your school for more details.

Arts, Education and Law schools

Griffith Business School

Explore local and global work-integrated learning opportunities for Griffith Business School students.

GBS WIL opportunities

Griffith Health

Most programs within the Griffith Health academic group have WIL embedded in curriculum. For more details, contact your individual school.

Griffith Health schools

Griffith Sciences

Explore the internships offered to students studying in schools within the Griffith Sciences group.

Griffith Sciences internships