Innovation is for everyone, no matter what you're studying

Whether you want to study innovation as part of your degree, or dip your toe in via workshops and events, we have an array of opportunities for you to develop enterprise skills and innovative thinking.

Discover courses, workshops, projects, clubs and other ways to build your entrepreneurial skills and networks, and transform your ideas into reality.

At Griffith Innovate, we can help with every step of your journey as you explore opportunities, pursue your passion and then grow your idea or enterprise.

What is innovation? Why is it important?

Innovation means developing new ideas, methods, products and technology to provide more effective solutions. Innovation is important in across all careers and industries, and just as imperative within society and government. Innovation also is cross-disciplinary, which means we need modern thinkers from all study areas to collaborate, share their strengths and create solutions for the greater good.

Our rapidly changing world faces great challenges, including climate change, trade wars and political instability. These complex problems require impactful solutions borne from diverse skills and innovative thought.

Innovation is relevant across all degrees and industries

Why innovation is relevant to all students

Innovation and entrepreneurship isn't just about starting your own business. Find out why.

External opportunities for students

Startup Grind

Cohort Innovation Space on the Gold Coast is hosting its next Startup Grind event on 11 March, which will be a fireside chat with Lauren Hall, CEO and founder of iVvy.

An Australian, multi-award-winning SAAS technology company, iVvy provides enterprise software to the events and hospitality industry. The event is free for Griffith students—just use code CO19 when booking your ticket at the link below.

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Young Women in AI virtual bootcamp

The Young Women Leaders in AI program develops young women as leaders in AI, creating ambassadors for the future as society transforms through AI adoption.

The program's free virtual bootcamp—which takes place from 9–18 April across two weekends and mid-week workshops—explores building modern machine learnings, innovation, entrepreneurship and how to succeed in the tech industry.


#Worldinnovationday Hackmakers

Are you a student or young professional looking to increase your network in the data science industry? Join thousands of hackers competing to showcase their skills, win awesome prizes and certifications in the #WorldInnovationDay Hack 2021! This is your chance to:

  • Apply your data and problem-solving skillsets to real global challenges
  • Build your personal innovation and leadership skills
  • Receive an exclusive certificate for participating
  • Meet other amazing mentors and participants in the global innovation ecosystem.

To find out more visit

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Student clubs

Through Griffith Innovate Labs, you can meet like-minded students and work on innovative projects. With a focus on data science, AI, software engineering, computer science and mechatronics, Griffith Innovate Labs offers workshops and online tutorials as stepping stones to larger projects.

Study and experience options

Our innovation offerings for students align with three phases: explore, grow and pursue.

These are just a taste of our options. For more information about how you can connect with innovation and entrepreneurship in your area of study, get in touch with your Program Director.

Entry and exploration

Add innovation to your degree

2043IBA Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

1115LHS Creative Arts and the Entrepreneurial Mindset

You can also study Innovation and Entrepreneurship as a major in the Bachelor of Business, or talk to a course advisor.


GLU Student Entrepreneurship Club

3 Day Startup

Griffith Hackathon


Praise for 3 Day Startup

Bachelor of Marine Science student Nicole Archer says attending the 3 Day Startup was well worth it.

“It was hands down one of the best experiences I have had at university to date," she says. "It has given me a new sense of confidence and new tools that I will carry into my future endeavours.”

The 3 Day Startup is open to all Griffith students, regardless of your degree, major or previous experience.

Innovation integrated into Master of Design coursework

Master of Design Program Director Michelle Douglas recently integrated 3DS into CoLab and says it was a huge success.

All students gave positive feedback," Michelle says. "All were able to reflect on how the intensity of the 3DS event strengthened their knowledge base on business tools and techniques that could be applied into their individual practices."

She says the dynamic nature of having multi and interdisciplinary groups of students working together in mixed teams received very positive feedback from Master of Design students and the wider network.

"In many cases, students consistently referred to 'moving out of their comfort zone', which is reflective of the learning and teaching dynamics that enabled the students to take risks, whilst exploring new tools and ways of doing things," she says.

"I would welcome the opportunity to advance this as a staple fixture in CoLab and believe it would be a valuable asset to use as a central core course across other schools and departments in Griffith."

The proposal to open up CoLab as a University-wide elective is now being considered.

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