Develop the skills to become a dynamic entrepreneur and transform ideas into viable businesses

The Griffith Innovation Challenge is a 10CP course that enables you to develop and test the feasibility of an idea for a new product, service or business model before pitching it to a panel of entrepreneurs and industry experts.

In addition to learning entrepreneurial skills critical for the 21st century, you and your fellow team members could win a share of fantastic prizes and ongoing mentoring to help bring your idea to life.

The course is open to all Griffith University undergraduate students and is an ideal platform to investigate the feasibility of a new idea before its launch.

You will learn

What it means to be an entrepreneur

Creative and critical thinking skills

How to pitch ideas to a discerning audience

How to find, negotiate and manage resources

How to evaluate the sustainability of new businesses

To identify and test business opportunities and new ideas

To work in interdisciplinary teams

To interact with industry partners


The Griffith Innovation Challenge forms part of Griffith Business School's Innovation and Entrepreneurship major, but that doesn't mean it's a course just for business students.

We're seeking new ideas from students of all disciplines, just as the world requires innovation and adaptability across all industries.

For example, you might come up with a concept for a social enterprise or a medical device, a new service or a technological advancement that could make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of many.

This course allows you to develop the mindset of a creative entrepreneur who sees opportunities through the lens of sustainability.

People you'll work with

Throughout the course, you will work collaboratively with your classmates to flesh out an idea and research its potential.

You'll also meet with industry mentors or technical advisors to discover how to bring your concept to life.

The big pitch and prizes

The course culminates with a big pitch, in which you and your group will present your idea to a discriminating audience.

Winning teams share in rewarding opportunities such as mentoring to help launch their concept.

Enrol for 2020

The Griffith Innovation Challenge is an ideal course for any Griffith undergraduate student - no prior knowledge required.

In 2020, the course is offered in Trimesters 1 and 2, as well as intensively in Trimester 3.

Griffith Innovation Challenge final pitch event

Further details

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