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In a rapidly changing world your business needs to be flexible, innovative and globally connected to best approach the business of today and the workplace of tomorrow. That is why Griffith is committed to creating tailored professional learning designed to address the challenges faced by you and your team. Our professional learning programs connect you with the expertise and knowledge of Griffith University’s academics and research centres.

Tailored professional learning opportunities

Our professional learning programs take your staff and their careers to the next level. We work with you to design a program that will meet the individual needs of you and your team. Whether you are an organisation of 10 staff, 100 or 10,000, we can build a program around you.

All components of our programs are built on your preferences which includes the focus area of the training, how the training is delivered (online, face-to-face or blended), when the training needs to occur and for what duration and ultimately built around your desired learning outcomes.

Off-the-shelf learning

Whether you want to book something that is ready to go or you are looking for some ideas of how you can design your own program, browse a sample of our off-the-shelf programs below:

Leading effective learning and development

This program will focus on the acquisition of knowledge, skills and strategies to improve workplace practices.

Facilitate and sustain workplace change

This program aims to equip participants with the tools to conduct a project to identify site-based improvement opportunities to facilitate and sustain on-going development of practices.

Building capacity of middle leaders

This program is designed to provide middle leaders with professional learning related to leading professional development in their organisation.

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Recognised achievements

Upon successful completion of a program, your staff will be recognised for their achievements with the awarding of a digital badge. These digital assets provide your staff with official recognition of their achievements and represent valuable skills unique to their experiences in a way that is shareable and verifiable across a range of platforms. Supporting further study? Our programs can be built to include a credit pathway into one of our existing degrees.

Case studies


How does an organisation redesign itself to meet the challenges of the 21st century? We partnered with UAP, a global organisation, to develop a bespoke professional learning program to become FutureNormal.

Find out more UAP