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This year, we’ve been challenged more than ever in the way we approach and perform our work. Throughout this, our Professional Learning Hub is committed to learning and preparing you to thrive in the future world of work. Our original, bite-sized thought leadership pieces are designed to provide you with the latest professional insights to inspire and fuel your career.
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Storm to perform: change and teamwork

How do you lead your team to navigate change? If there's only one certainty in today's workplace, change is inevitable. To maintain a high performing team, we need to embrace change and adapt, to perform at our best.  Gaery Barbery identifies the four stages all teams must go through to achieve success.

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Marketing trust the process

Marketing: trust the process

Have you considered how your business builds relationships? In these turbulent times the process of marketing can be easily overlooked. But no matter how much the world is changing good marketing skills remain a constant. Robin Pentecost provides a timely, and reassuring, reminder to trust the marketing process.

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Working with Children

Working with children

What are the skills you need to work with children? Increasingly, in a multitude of sectors, today's workforce needs to continue to develop capabilities to work alongside children and young people. They're talking to us, clearly, and it's our responsibility to build a culture promoting respectful communication. This article provides a practical way to develop these skills. By Jennifer Cartmel, Marilyn Casley & Kerry Smith.

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Cyber security: it's all our business

How cyber security aware are you? Governments and businesses around the world are taking the ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks seriously, and so should you. Dr Hui Tian suggests that when you put aside the high-tech jargon, it becomes clear cyber security is a multi-disciplinary field, and one we all should have a vested interest in.

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Leading in virtual environments

How do you lead your team in a virtual environment? Many of us that manage staff have grown accustomed to regular face-to-face interactions. But how do we maintain team performance, communication and cohesion when we are asked to manage in a virtual environment? Dr David Tuffley introduces strategies to help leaders drive success in a virtual first world.

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How Health Informatics shape the way we live

Do you ever consider the health data that drove the decision to make you work from home, or that placed social restrictions on you? Do you check the daily rise and fall of infection rates? As our lives are increasingly shaped by health data and its interpretation, Sheree Lloyd and Lawrence Lim provide a timely overview of the critical discipline of Health Informatics.

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Are you an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur?

Ever wondered what the difference is between an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur? Does the organisation you work for encourage and support intrapreneurship? In this thought-provoking article A/Prof Naomi Birdthistle unpacks the terms and outlines the key skills needed for both, and in doing so suggests that while you may not want to strike out on your own, you can still dream big in the organisation you work for.

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Resilience. Do you have it? We hear this term all the time, we are told it's a key skill we need to have, but what does the word actually mean? From deep in the heart of lockdown Melbourne, Professor Julian Meyrick provides a provocative and personal exploration of the idea. This is essential reading for anyone interested in resilience and wondering where we can expect to find it.

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Leadership: values and touchpoints

As a leader, what do you stand for? Does your team know? Do your stakeholders know? Having values and embodying them in every facet of your business is a key skill in communicating who you are and what you do. Dr Luke Houghton reminds us that great leaders lead with integrity.

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Working with Diversity

Do you worry whether your work is inclusive, respectful and culturally safe? As human services and social work become increasingly important in the future world of work, the ability to collaborate with diverse clients is critical as service models continue to evolve. Dr Paul Harris sheds light on some of the changing trends and opportunities in the sector.

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The world in your lunchbox

Are you stuck at home, or in a mostly empty office, and dreaming of exotic destinations? Despite borders being closed and flights grounded there's still a way. With travel shop windows available from your screen, and the destinations at your fingertips virtually endless, Georgette Leah Burns, in a provocative exploration of the new normal, suggests your next journey is limited only by your imagination.

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FutureNormal: moving online

Are you working more and more online nowadays? You're not alone. In this article we continue our conversation with Prof. Nick Barter (Academic Director of Griffith Online) and Prof. Chris Fleming (Director of Griffith Institute for Tourism) about this shift. Their responses suggest Covid-19 could have some positive impacts on the world of work. Moving forward, perhaps our workplaces will be more collaborative, more flexible and less carbon reliant?

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Things we can learn from kids and science

Has work lost its sense of wonder? Are you afraid to show surprise, or learn new things, or answer “I don’t know” to a question? STEM presenter, Clare Van Dorssen, reminds us that it’s okay to be curious and surprised by new knowledge, and that perhaps to find more meaning in our workaday lives we need to embrace the long-lost child within.

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The best gift you can give yourself

How are you feeling today? Think about that for a moment. A deceptively simple question, yet often fiendishly tricky to answer. In today's challenging times a little self-care can go a long way in supporting our well-being. Providing practical tools to analyse our state of mind this article gives substance to the saying, ‘self-care is giving the world the best of you instead of what’s left of you’. By Jacinta Hawgood, A/Prof Michelle Hood and Prof Andrea Bialocerkowski.

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How to Make a Supportive Work Culture

Do you lead a team at work? Have you considered each of your team members' emotional wellbeing? Regardless of the size of your team, the ability to get the job done often comes down to team culture. Assoc Prof Lauren Ball from the Menzies Health Institute provides five insights on creating a supportive work culture.

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Leadership is not Exclusive to the Big Boss

Who are the leaders in your organisation? The answer is complex. Everyone knows who the big boss is, but in large organisations leaders can be found in many places. Professor Peter Grootenboer outlines the importance of middle leadership, and suggests we should acknowledge and support these leaders – not to prepare them to be, or be like the ‘big boss’, but to equip them to lead in the ‘hot site’ of an organisation.

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Bookmarks and Fragments

Do you read for work or pleasure, or both? In a world of social distancing and isolation it seemed we were all about to finally tackle that pile of unread books beside the bed. But did it happen? As we slowly emerge from our bunkers, novelist and Griffith Review editor, Ashley Hay, seeks to understand what it means to escape into new, literary worlds when our own day to day lives are so strange.

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Positive on Purpose: no magical thinking required

It might be a tough call to stay positive at the moment, but did you know that positive psychology (as opposed to the positivity glibly deployed in memes) is a scientifically researched phenomena? Dr Mia O’Brien provides a timely reminder that positivity is a practical tool for work and life.

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5 reasons to avoid accessing your super early

Times are tough, and the federal government has kicked in with a range of unprecedented stimulus and support packages. One of the more controversial packages is granting early access to our superannuation. Dr Tracey West gives us five reasons to think twice before dipping into our retirement savings.

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FutureNormal - Living in a Virtual First World

From work, to learning, to kids’ birthday parties and Friday afternoon drinks, the Covid-19 crisis has meant we’ve all had to move rapidly towards the virtual world in our day to day lives. Professor Nick Barter and Professor Chris Fleming suggest the new normal is here to stay, and that's not a bad thing.

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Creativity in the time of Covid-19

In a world where the term ‘creative’ can be applied to almost any endeavour, what do we really mean when we label ourselves and our work ‘creative’? Also, if everything is creative, perhaps nothing is. Professor Julian Meyrick walks us through the complex concept of ‘creativity’, unpacking its usage and history and where it might be taking us in the new, Covid world.

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Work home

A short guide to (not) working from home

These are strange times indeed. If you're lucky you're grappling with the stresses of working from home. We at the Professional Learning Hub are in the same boat. Here's our very quick guide to (not) working from home.

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Introducing the Impact Economy

The promise of the ‘impact economy’ brings together a number of ideas, strategies and practices that are gaining traction and becoming mainstream. In this article, Alex Hannant and Prof Ingrid Burkett from Griffith's Yunus Centre, outline an overarching view of the ‘impact economy’ - the what, why and how.

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Is it time to declutter your digital closet?

How many social media accounts do you have? How many do you use? Which ones make you happy? And which ones don't? Dr Timo Dietrich and Mr Yannick van Hierden from Social Marketing @ Griffith offer a few simple but effective tips to help you declutter your digital closet.

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Understanding How People Learn in the Workplace

Workplaces are always looking for more efficient ways for workers to be productive. So how do employees continue to learn in a work environment? A/Prof Sarojni Choy discusses the different ways people learn in these settings and the importance for employees to optimise the opportunities for learning to meet the changing nature of work.

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5 tips for Managing your Super

Your superannuation is not something you think about everyday, however your quality of life post-retirement is shaped by the decisions you make today. Dr Tracey West shares her insight and provides strategies to help you maximise the potential of your superannuation.

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Many of us live and work in cities packed with high-rise buildings. We spend more than 90 percent of our lives indoors, largely unaware that the quality of our ‘building façades’ (our building ‘skins’) make an enormous difference to our comfort and safety, and play a big role in determining the environmental impact of our buildings.

Façades protect us from the weather outside and connect with internal structures to keep us safe, high up off the ground. Yet we cannot take them for granted. These learning conversations, presented by the Professional Learning Hub, with A/Prof Cheryl Desha, explore an important feature of our built environment.

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As part of our ever-growing catalogue of bite-sized pieces of professional learning, The Professional Learning Hub is proud to present Positive on Purpose, a podcast series by Dr Mia O'Brien.

It might be a tough call to stay positive at the moment, but did you know that positive psychology is a scientifically researched phenomena? Throughout this series Dr Mia O’Brien provides a timely reminder that positivity is a practical tool for work and life.

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How does an organisation redesign itself to meet the challenges of the 21st century? We partnered with UAP, a global organisation, to develop a bespoke professional learning program to become FutureNormal.

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