Professional development and advisory

Helping UAP realise its Project One Earth and supporting it to become FutureNormal: An organisation that is fit for the 21st century, acts meaningfully in its surroundings, aims for 100% of human wellbeing and sees money as a means not an end.


The world’s largest art fabricator, UAP is a Brisbane based, global organisation that is recognised as a leader in public art and architectural design solutions and manufacturing, and collaborates  with influential creatives in Australia and around the globe. UAP believes that incredible things don’t just happen, they’re created, nurtured and believed in. This has driven UAP from day one and aims to bring uncommon creativity to the public realm. However, the organisation recognised a need to redefine itself to meet the challenges of the 21st century. UAP needs to show that ideas, design and aesthetics can bring positive impact and tangible benefits to our planet we all call home.


This redefinition began with a suite of professional development activities exploring the latest theories, concepts and research in strategy, economics and sustainability. This program was co-designed with UAP and led by Professors Nick Barter and  Chris Fleming of Griffith Business School. Delivered over a number of weeks these activities enabled UAP staff to develop a FutureNormal mindset.  In addition to the professional development, the change is being supported through ongoing advisory support.


Through the intervention, UAP is enabling its Project One Earth and transforming through purposeful incrementalism, to an organisation that is FutureNormal. Learnings at an organisational culture level have been: (1) Responsibility – we all have a responsibility to contribute; (2) Making change is empowering; and (3) Don’t wait for leadership – be a leader.  Materially this has meant UAP is working to: implement solar solutions for its operations and and its local community, engage in rainwater harvesting, amplify activities for the well-being of its staff, and pursue eco-efficient solutions to its products and production processes. This is not only in Brisbane; all initiatives are being replicated and applied to UAP’s studios and workshops in New York and Shanghai.


Listen to Professor Nick Barter and Professor Christopher Fleming from Griffith University in discussion with Gilbert Guaring and Ineke Dane from UAP.  This unique partnership with Griffith helped UAP move towards becoming a FutureNormal organisation with a more sustainable mindset.