Our next available undergraduate intake is Trimester 1, 2021.

To be considered for a place at the Queensland Conservatorium, follow our application and audition information below.

If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.

Application information

Domestic students

Follow the three steps below to apply for your program via the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre.

QTAC applications open 4 August 2020 for the Trimester 1, 2021 intake.

Steps to apply

International students

If you're an international student, apply using the international application.

There is no deadline to apply. However, it is advisable to apply by 31 October for admission the following year.

International applications

Postgraduate students

The information on this page applies only to undergraduate students.

For postgraduate information, follow the link below.

Postgraduate audition information

Audition registrations still open

Late registrations will be accepted for Music applicants in the coming days. We will endeavour to include you in the main audition round where possible.

Steps to apply

Submit your application via QTAC

Apply via QTAC and select your preferred degree and/or specialisations:

  • 251722 Bachelor of Music – applications close 4 September 2020
  • 251782 Bachelor of Acting – applications close 31 August 2020
  • 251772 Bachelor of Musical Theatre – applications close 31 August 2020.

You can choose up to three specialisations to audition for the Bachelor of Music.

Late registrations: Applications and registrations are now closed for Acting and Musical Theatre. We are accepting late registrations for Music applicants in the coming days. We will endeavour to include you in the main audition round where possible.

Popular Music applicants: You are advised to select one popular music specialisation only. Any additional Popular Music specialisations can be included in the one audition and no additional fee or audition is required. In the case of singer-songwriters, who often sing and self-accompany on an instrument, please nominate voice as your major instrument. However, if selecting any additional specialisations under other majors, a separate audition will be scheduled and additional fee required.

Please note, you will be able to apply through QTAC from 4 August 2020.


Pay your audition fees via GriffithPAY

When applying, you must pay a non-refundable audition fee via GriffithPAY by the closing date to be guaranteed an audition in the first audition round.

Audition fees:

  • Bachelor of Music—$50 each specialisation (payable by 4 September 2020)
  • Bachelor of Acting—$90 each (payable by 31 August 2020)
  • Bachelor of Musical Theatre—$90 each (payable by 31 August 2020).

If you apply after the closing date, you may be considered in subsequent auditions and offer rounds if places are still available.

Multiple specialisations: if you have nominated multiple specialisations on your QTAC Bachelor of Music application, you will be required to pay a separate audition fee for each specialisation.

Popular Music applicants: you are advised to select one popular music specialisation only. Any additional popular music specialisations can be included in the one audition and no additional audition fee is required.

Pay for your audition/s via GriffithPAY

Please note, you will be able to pay your audition fees from 4 August 2020

Submit a recorded audition and supporting documents

The Conservatorium is committed to the health and safety of our applicants and staff. For this reason, all auditions for the Trimester 1 2021 intake will require applicants to submit a recorded audition as the first of a two-phase process.

After you have submitted your QTAC application and paid for your audition via GriffithPAY, the next step is to prepare your recorded audition and check if your specialisation/s have any other specific requirements, such as a folio, music, or performance CV.

Recorded audition and supporting documents due dates:

  • 251722 Bachelor of Music⁠—due by 4 September 2020
  • 251782 Bachelor of Acting⁠—due by 31 August 2020
  • 251772 Bachelor of Musical Theatre⁠—due by 31 August 2020.

To prepare your recorded audition and supporting documentation, review the audition requirements relevant to the program and specialisations you are applying for. You may also like to check out the audition video tips and audition checklist at the bottom of this page for assistance with preparing your submission.

Once your recorded audition is ready along with the supporting documentation that is required, you are ready to submit these via the registration form below. The preferred form of video submission is YouTube and the preferred form of supporting document submission is Dropbox.

How to submit your recorded audition

You will need the following information when registering:

  • your QTAC application number (this is a nine-digit number)
  • your GriffithPAY receipt number
  • the link to your recorded video audition/s on YouTube
  • the link to your folio uploaded to Dropbox (if your chosen specialisation under the Bachelor of Music is Creative Music Technology or Composition)
  • the link to your music CV uploaded to Dropbox (if applying for the Bachelor of Music—all specialisations)
  • the link to your performance CV uploaded to Dropbox (if applying for Bachelor of Acting and/or Bachelor of Musical Theatre).

Audition registration form

Audition information

We understand that during the lockdown period applicants will not have had access to the tuition and ensembles that they would have had in other conditions, and these circumstances have been taken into consideration.

We have therefore put in place an Audition process to ensure the health and safety of all our applicants and staff, and a 2-phase process to ensure that no applicant will be disadvantaged because of this.

Phase 1 requires you to submit an audition video and CV. You will be considered based on the quality of your performance: your skills, ability and technique – not the quality of the recording, which can be done using your phone, or tablet. From this we will determine whether you move to an audition and interview in Phase 2, or interview only.

These changes have been put in place to ensure no applicant is disadvantaged.

Phase 2 auditions will be held from 28 September–3 October 2020, with the various specialisations held on specific days.

Audition video tips

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