Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing a high quality learning experience

Our teaching staff provide diverse industry experience, real-life context and a commitment to students beyond expectations. They are also invested in researching, publishing, and practicing within a broad range of industry, discipline and cultural domains – passing on the latest knowledge to students.

Queensland Conservatorium Executives

Scott Harrison
Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University

Prof Scott Harrison

Professor Scott Harrison has experience in teaching singing and music in primary, secondary and tertiary environments. He has over 20 years of performance experience, including opera and music theatre as a singer and as a musical director. Scott is the recipient of a National Teaching Award and a Fellow of the Office for Learning and Teaching.

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Peter Luff
Deputy Director
Performance and Engagement

A/Prof Peter Luff

Associate Professor Peter Luff has spent most of his career as a professional horn player, performing with most of Australia’s leading professional orchestras and arts organisations. As a member of the advisory council of the International Horn Society, Peter is highly active in the promotion of the French horn, and in 2010 received the prestigious Punto Award for his distinguished contribution and service to the art of horn playing.

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Gemma Carey
Deputy Director
Learning and Teaching

Prof Gemma Carey

Professor Gemma Carey studied at Queensland Conservatorium, specialising in keyboard. While performing initially drew her to the Conservatorium, teaching has become her passion. Gemma has developed innovative techniques in learning and teaching, and has established pedagogy at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and for community teachers.

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Brydie-Leigh Bartlett
Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre

Prof Brydie-Leigh Bartleet

Associate Professor Brydie-Leigh Bartleet is known worldwide for her work in community music and community engagement. She has been a key catalyst in the creation of research projects and learning programs that connect students, educators, industry and community partners both inside and outside university walls.

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Griffith Experts

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  1. Ms Sarah Butler, Lecturer in Trumpet
  2. A/Prof Peter Luff, Head of Brass, Associate Professor in French Horn

Vocal and Opera

  1. Prof Johannes Fritzsch, Professor of Opera and Orchestral Studies
  2. A/Prof Margaret Schindler, Head of Voice, Associate Professor in Vocal Studies
  3. Prof Lisa Gasteen AO, Practice Professor of Opera
  4. Ms Shelli Hulcombe, Lecturer in Voice
  5. Dr Ron Morris, Senior Lecturer in Vocal Health and Pedagogy
  6. Ms Jillianne Stoll, Lecturer in Opera and Professional Practice

Music studies and research

  1. Prof Stephen Emmerson, Professor in Music Literature
  2. Dr Catherine Grant, Senior Lecturer in Music Literature
  3. Dr Diana Tolmie, Lecturer in Professional Practice
  4. Dr Leah Coutts, Lecturer in Music Learning and Teaching


  1. Mr Paul Dean, Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Clarinet
  2. Ms Virginia Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Flute
  3. Ms Eve Newsome, Senior Lecturer in Oboe


  1. Dr Gerardo Dirie, Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Music Theory and Composition

Creative Music Technology

  1. Dr John Ferguson, Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Creative Music Technology
  2. Mr Matthew Hitchcock, Senior Lecturer in Creative Music Technology


  1. A/Prof Peter Morris, Head of Ensembles, Associate Professor in Conducting
  2. Mr Daniel de Borah, Head of Chamber Music, Lecturer in Chamber Music


  1. Dr Stephen Newcomb, Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Jazz
  2. Dr Louise Denson, Head of Higher Degrees, Senior Lecturer in Jazz
  3. Dr Irene Bartlett, Senior Lecturer in Jazz, Contemporary Voice Coordinator

Performing Arts

  1. A/Prof Paul Sabey, Head of Department
  2. Mr Trevor Jones, Lecturer in Musical Theatre
  3. Ms Jacqui Somerville, Senior Lecturer in Acting


  1. Prof Vanessa Tomlinson, Head of Percussion


  1. Ms Natasha Vlassenko, Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in Piano
  2. Mr Oleg Stepanov, Senior Lecturer in Piano


  1. A/Prof Michele Walsh, Head of Department, Associate Professor in Violin
  2. Mr Graeme Jennings, Senior Lecturer in Violin and Viola
  3. Ms Molly Kadarauch, Senior Lecturer in Cello
  4. Ms Karin Schaupp, Lecturer in Guitar

Popular Music

  1. A/Prof Donna Weston, Head of Popular Music
  2. Mr Brendan Anthony, Lecturer in Popular Music
  3. Mr Caleb James, Lecturer in Popular Music

Professional Staff

Executive support

  1. Mr Stuart Jones, Conservatorium Manager
  2. Ms Sarah Andrews, Executive Assistant to Director
  3. Ms Lilyann Duffy, Administration Officer
  4. Ms Jennifer Boyle, Administration Support Officer

Gold Coast

  1. Ms Julie Sutherland, Administration Officer
  2. Mr Brett Voss, Recording Studio Technician
  3. Ms Charlotte Hoffman, Studio Assistant


  1. Ms Zehra Rabbani, Marketing Officer


  1. Mr Michael Hibbard, Front of House Operations Manager
  2. Ms Clare Wharton, Operations Administrator
  3. Mr Dan Fossi, Ensemble Administrator
  4. Mr Daniel Barkley, Timetabling & Venues Officer
  5. Ms Felicity Clark, Administration Support Officer

Open Conservatorium

  1. Mr Jason Budge, Manager
  2. Ms Lisa Dart, Project Administrator
  3. Mr Kevin Edwards , Young Conservatorium Administrator

Performing Arts

  1. Ms Cathy Healy, Administration Officer
  2. Ms Dominique Fegan, Agent Liaison
  3. Ms Amy Hauser, Technical Officer


  1. Mr Cameron Hipwell, Technical Manager
  2. Mr Len McPherson, Technical Officer
  3. Mr Keith Clark, Technical Officer

Studio and Audio Visual

  1. Mr Kai Mohrholz, Senior Technical Specialist