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These resources have been created for use by teachers and students to engage with artworks and themes in exhibitions held at Griffith University Art Museum. These resources can be utilised by school groups visiting the exhibition or to assist with learning experiences in the classroom. Teachers can use the questions featured to prompt individual responses from students or as a starting point for wider discussion.

In planning and writing these resources, Griffith University Art Museum has consulted the Australian Curriculum: Visual Arts, Years 7 to 10 and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s Visual Art (2007) syllabus.

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With Heart & Hand Online Resources

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A message from Glenn R. Cooke:

This site had been established as an adjunct to the exhibition With Heart & Hand: Art Pottery in Queensland 1900-1950 which was held at the Griffith University Art Museum, Brisbane, 13 September to 3 November 2018. It provides additional information and context for the use of those who have purchased the accompanying publication.

This resource is presented as a ‘work in progress’ as it is hoped that ceramic collectors and other interested members (and especially the potter’s families) will contribute additional information. The biographical listing is deliberately egalitarian in its approach as it includes substantial detail on major practitioners as well as minor students and brief mention of names in exhibition records. It clearly demonstrates how pervasive the influence of L.J. Harvey was throughout Queensland and further afield.

Images have been harvested from many sources and are of variable quality but offered with the understanding that a poor image (even those captured on Polaroids) is better than none at all. Dimensions are given where feasible. Life dates are given where known.

Corrections and contributions to this material can be submitted to with the subject line: ‘Art Pottery In Queensland 1900–1950 Online Resources’. These resources will be updated once a year. The next update is scheduled for October 2019. New material for inclusion must be submitted for consideration by June 30, 2019.

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