Staff Giving Program

Help students facing hardship continue their studies. Will you give a little bit each fortnight and join us?


As a Staff Giver, giving a little bit, really means a lot

As a staff member at Griffith University you are already supporting our students in so many ways through the work you do.

Giving a little bit each fortnight through Payroll, really means a lot to talented but disadvantaged students that ask for help.

Your support gives them hope, motivation, gratitude and the wish to give back when they can.

Will you join our community of Staff Givers and give a little bit? It really does mean a lot.

Dr Naveen Sharma Nathan campus

“Often it is only a small amount of assistance that allows students to overcome obstacles and succeed in their studies.”


heidi updated
Ms Heidi Piper
Nathan campus

"I believe deeply in the transformative power of education, the mission of Griffith University and the work we do to transform the lives of individuals and communities. I am proud to be part of the Staff Giving program, providing practical support for deserving students on their educational journey."

A/Professor Kevin Filo Gold Coast campus

"Becoming a Staff Giver allows you to join a community of giving and generosity at Griffith. And our students are incredibly grateful for that giving and generosity."

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Rebecca Seymour
Mrs Rebecca Seymour
Nathan campus

“It was a no brainer to join the program.

You can give as little or as much as you want. Even a couple of dollars a week makes an impact to the students.”

Ms Nicola Holly
South Bank campus

“I continuously see the first-hand impact that the Griffith Staff Giving Program has on the lives of our deserving students. Financial issues shouldn’t be a barrier for people to education and I’m delighted to be part of a program that assists those who may otherwise miss out.”

Mr Peter Bryant
Nathan campus

“I want to help make a difference to the lives of talented, less fortunate individuals in our community through education via a scheme which not only matches my contribution but ensures 100% of my donation reaches the recipient directly.”

Ms Kathleen Swan
Mt Gravatt campus

“Our Staff Giving community provides a positive influence on some of our students in need, who otherwise might not reach their potential. We are investing in our remarkable students so they can achieve their goals and thereby create ripples that make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.”

nic charlton
Mr Nicholas Charlton
Gold Coast campus

“It was once said at a Staff Giving function that education is one cause that receives fewer donations than other causes. Since I am passionate about education and believe everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and achieve their dreams, this is why I am a Staff Giver.”

Mr Mark Flynn
Nathan campus

“My contribution through the Staff Giving program is just one small way that I can help ‘create a future for all’.”

Dr Vanessa Reher Card
Dr Vanessa Reher
Gold Coast campus

“Being a Staff Giver is such a small gesture but with a huge impact in someone’s live. It could be that I am helping a student to be able to graduate, to pursue a dream, or to improve general knowledge and even, to make the world a more equitable place. These are some reasons that support my decision to participate in this amazing program.”

scott burnell card
Mr Scott Burnell
Gold Coast campus

“I have seen the benefits that education can make to people as well as communities, but I appreciate that balancing study with everything else in life is difficult. Contributing to staff giving is a small way that I can help students to stay focused on their goals, as well as an investment in better communities.”

Dr Mirela Malin Card
Dr Mirela Malin
Gold Coast campus

“I’m humbled and privileged to be in a position of helping students achieve their dreams of having a university degree. It’s most disheartening to see when the desire to learn and achieve is suppressed by the lack of available funds. By participating in the Staff Giving program, I hope to create opportunities for those students to follow their goals and fulfill their ambitions!”

Assoc/Prof Indu Singh Gold Coast campus

I believe no one should be disadvantaged due to lack of funding. Education is not only a gateway to a career but to a happy society and takes away the anxiety not only from the students but provides positivity to their whole family. By giving today we are nurturing future generations to be considerate and ready to make a positive social impact.

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Mr Donald Jeffrey
Nathan campus

"Our students are the heart and soul of our university and seeing them so determined to succeed no matter what is nothing short of amazing. Knowing the small act of giving is making a huge difference in easing their way to success is a real privilege."

clare burns

Clare Burns Nathan campus

Once I found out I could give as a sessional it was then, how much? I need to be prudent, but I can give a little. If you are a staff member hesitant about making Staff Giving as part of your new normal, I would encourage you to give as you can, not as you can’t, even $5, $10, or $20 will make a difference.

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One Griffith Futures Scholarship, provides $5,000 each to help our most needy students.

Payroll donations are deducted from your fortnightly pay using your pre-tax salary, removing the need to collect receipts.


100% of your donation goes directly to students as the University absorbs all administration costs.


Griffith University will match your donation dollar for dollar.


If you have any questions about Staff Giving, please get in touch