Staff Giving Program

Help students facing hardship continue their studies. Will you give a little bit each fortnight and join us?



You’ll find the answers to any questions you may have about the Staff Giving program below.

If not, please get in touch by emailing

One Griffith Futures Scholarship, provides $5,000 each to help our most needy students.

Payroll donations are deducted from your fortnightly pay using your pre-tax salary, removing the need to collect receipts.


100% of your donation goes directly to students as the University absorbs all administration costs.


Griffith University will match your donation dollar for dollar.

What is the Staff Giving Program?

The Staff Giving Program at Griffith allows staff to make a fortnightly payroll deduction pre-tax, to provide students in need with crucial financial support.  All deductions are matched dollar for dollar by the university, so your contribution has twice the impact. It's so easy to join the program.

Which types of staff members can join the Program?

Casual, sessional, continuing or fixed term academic and general staff members can join the program.

How can I join the Program?

Simply complete the online payroll deduction form. It only takes a minute.

How can I contact Staff Giving?

You can email or call (07) 5552 7218.


Which students benefit from the Staff Giving Program?

The Staff Giving Program helps students who excel at their studies but are also experiencing financial or personal hardship.

Donations through the Program enable us to provide scholarships for students in need of support.

In 2020, of the hundreds of students who applied for support, only 108 scholarships were available.

There are many more students who need your help.

How does the scholarship help students?

A scholarship can provide vital relief for students struggling to pay for the essentials of university and daily life, including books, computer equipment, food and rent.

These scholarships can drastically reduce the stress experienced by students worried about money, allowing them to concentrate on their studies. In many cases, the support can mean the difference between a student completing their course or deferring, or even halting, their studies.

With ongoing support from our donors, more students can be helped in this way, year after year.

How do you select which students receive a scholarship?

Students need to be excelling in their studies –achieving a high-grade point average of at least 5.0 –while also demonstrating financial or personal hardship.

Why is there an increasing need for students?

Increases in the cost of living and reduced government support mean that more students are facing financial hardship.

What is the value of a scholarship?

Each scholarship awards a talented student in need with $5,000.


Is there a minimum amount required to be deducted per fortnight?

No, there is no minimum amount. You don’t have to make a big donation to make a big difference, as when combined with other staff members, will create an impact.

Can I change my deductions at any time?

You can increase or decrease the amount you wish to contribute, simply by completing the online payroll deduction form.

Can I make a one-off deduction?

Yes, you can!

Can I stop my deductions at any time?

You can stop fortnightly deductions at any time by emailing

How much of my donation goes to the student?

100% of your donation goes directly to the students as the University absorbs all administration costs.

Why should I consider donating one scholarship?

Providing one student with a scholarship ensures that more talented students in need are helped. A donation of $2,500 will be matched dollar for dollar by Griffith University, to create a scholarship of $5,000.


If you have any questions about Staff Giving, please get in touch