Staff Giving Program

Help students facing hardship continue their studies. Will you give a little bit each fortnight and join us?


Become a buddy to one of the students you're helping

In addition to making payroll deductions for students in need, Staff Givers may like to join the voluntary Buddy Program. This pairs scholarship recipients with staff donors for further support, activities and events.

At the beginning of each year, we'll ask all staff in the Staff Giving Program to let us know if they would like to participate in the Buddy Program for one year. Where requested, we will try and match a scholarship recipient to your area of work or expertise.

Kay sherry buddy
Ms Kay Sherry
Nathan campus

“My buddy Melissa and I have been catching up regularly on Teams and it’s been great getting to know her. Hearing how her scholarship has helped her has reminded me just how important my contribution is.”

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Rebecca Seymour
Mrs Rebecca Seymour
Nathan campus

“I have good networks across the university, having worked at Griffith for 18 years. I can point students in the right direction and sometimes it can be that one contact, that really makes a big difference to the students."

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nic and buddy
Mr Nicholas Charlton
Gold Coast campus

"The buddy program is great. I enjoy just catching up for a coffee to hear how their studies are going and to just be an ear if they need one. It is great meeting the passionate young recipients of the Staff Giving Program."

Mr Donald Jeffrey
Nathan campus
"I've learnt a lot more about resilience and determination from my student buddy (Chris). That's the core of the program,  it is sharing experiences and perspectives but also just being a supportive presence.   It is two people, who might not usually meet, talking and learning from each other- which is just so positive."


If you have any questions about Staff Giving, please get in touch