Griffith is committed to equal opportunity

A key priority of the University is to create an inclusive environment for prospective and current staff with a disability. We welcome applications for employment from people with disabilities and are ready to provide whatever support staff with a disability may need in their workplace.

Equal opportunity information

New and existing staff are encouraged to provide their equal opportunity information via the Griffith Portal. Providing this information helps the University measure results of strategies implemented, to identify further needs and to meet government reporting requirements. Go to Griffith Portal > Employment > Equity and Diversity > Equal opportunity information.

Reasonable adjustments for staff

A reasonable adjustment refers to the removal of barriers and/or to changes made to work and/or the workplace to ensure that staff with a disability or health condition are able to undertake their role.

Adjustments may be temporary or permanent depending on the nature of the disability or health condition, and the requirements of the individual staff member.

Adjustments may include:

  • assistance to ensure there are no barriers in recruitment, selection and promotion processes
  • supply or modification of equipment, furniture or software
  • adjustment to work arrangements
  • training or retraining
  • provision of information in suitable formats
  • accessible parking
  • access to employment programs and initiatives such as Job Access.

Staff who require adjustments to their workplace because of a disability or health condition should talk to their manager or supervisor in the first instance.

Staff Equity Team

The Staff Equity Team can assist managers and supervisors with advice on:

  • recruiting people with disabilities
  • assisting with workplace adjustments for new or existing staff.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team

The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team assists staff with a range of issues including:

  • work-related injuries such as workers’ compensation cases
  • non work-related injuries where rehabilitation or injury management are required
  • reasonable adjustments for health conditions or disability
  • advice for managers and supervisors.

More information

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