Our vision and mission is to transform lives and add to human knowledge and understanding in a way that creates a future that benefits all

As we approach our 50th anniversary in 2025, we remain steadfast in our aim to be a leading university of influence and impact in Australia and across the Asia–Pacific.

The world is navigating a range of emerging social and professional challenges and opportunities. As such, our proven ability to develop students who are future-capable, agile and resilient—and well prepared to succeed in disruptive and challenging work environments post-COVID-19—remains one of our greatest strengths.

Griffith University was established in 1975 to be a different type of university, committed to equity, inclusion and the success of our students. We introduced Australia’s first degrees in Modern Asian Studies and Environmental Science, and we have a long history of commitment to social justice and sustainability. Nearly five decades on, the principles upon which Griffith was founded are still relevant; everything we do, from teaching and research to community engagement, is still designed to make the world a better place—for everyone.

Our vision and mission reflect the goals expressed in our Strategic Plan 2020–2025: Creating a future for all, which outlines how we will build on our proud history to create an exciting future for the University and the communities of which we are part.

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Our core principles

Griffith University will pursue our vision and mission through our core principles of excellence, ethics and engagement.


  • We commit to excellence in our work, ambitious to ensure that our teaching and learning, research, and engagement are of the highest quality.
  • In the pursuit of excellence, we reach across boundaries of all kinds within and beyond the University. In particular, we pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary work and our ability to engage with industry, government and the not-for-profit sector.
  • Students will be provided with high-quality education and the capacity to develop and apply knowledge to exercise influence and make meaningful lifelong contributions to their communities.
  • We recognise the central role of academic freedom and a robust culture of free speech to university life.

Ethical behaviour

  • We celebrate being an inclusive and diverse community, and create pathways to education for a wide variety of people.
  • We have a long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability and guardianship of our unique campus ecosystems.
  • We are committed to social justice and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) as a powerful articulation of these values. The SDGs set out 17 goals to 'achieve a better and more sustainable future for all' in areas such as poverty reduction, good health, quality education, and climate action.


  • We recognise the unique place of First Peoples in our history and culture and the importance of respecting Indigenous knowledge, culture and talent.
  • We are ethical in our collaborations with a wide variety of partners, seeking mutual and sustainable value in our partnerships.
  • We recognise our particular obligations to the communities in which our campuses are based and are committed to being good neighbours who enhance local life.
  • We engage globally, paying particular attention to our enduring relationships with Asian and Pacific countries.
  • Our international relationships seek to enhance the capacity of partners in areas such as teaching and learning, research, and community partnerships.

Our values and commitments

Values have been at the heart of Griffith’s identity from its inception. Alumni and staff from our earliest years echo the sentiments of students and staff today: at Griffith, we strive to live our values in our teaching, research and engagement.

Rigorous standards of scholarship

Positively influencing our communities through teaching, research and scholarly activities

Engaging students as partners in their education

Recognising our location in the Asia–Pacific and deepening our engagement with the region

Bringing disciplines together to address the key issues of our time

Promoting the respect of individual rights and ethical standards

Participatory decision making and problem solving

Contributing to a robust, equitable and environmentally sustainable society

Recognising and valuing diversity

Recognising First Peoples and enabling their continued contribution to the nation

Academic plan

The Academic Plan 2021–2025 outlines our commitment to supporting the diverse cohorts of students we attract to succeed at University and go on to fulfilling careers and become Graduates: Confident to face the future.

Research and innovation plan

Our Research and Innovation Plan 2021–2025 outlines our commitment to supporting our researchers to strive for greater heights in academic excellence, innovation and delivering impact. We will retain our distinctive culture as a community of scholars to provide research solutions that will have a positive transformative effect on individual lives and communities.

Equity, diversity and inclusion

At Griffith, we commit to living our values in the way we operate our University and embed equity, diversity and inclusion in our key plans and investments. We are dedicated to building on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student and staff strengths and focusing on the success of a diverse and inclusive Griffith community.


Since our inception, Griffith has had an ongoing commitment to the environment and sustainability. We see the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a reflection of our core values and as fundamental to implementing social, economic and environmental sustainability at Griffith and in the wider community to improve the lives of all—now and in the future.