Pastoral Care aims to support your journey in life.

You can expect to have your questions, beliefs and feelings acknowledged and accepted. Pastoral Care at Griffith facilitates access to Chaplains at every Griffith campus, giving students of all cultural and religious backgrounds the opportunity to seek support. Pastoral Care also provides dedicated campus prayer rooms as well as information regarding local religious communities.

Talk with a chaplain

Chaplains are trained to listen to what you have to say, and they'll be able to either help you out themselves, or know where to send you to get things sorted. Chaplains are happy for you to say what you want, and talk about what you want to talk about. This could include:

  • how are things for you?
  • the meaning of life
  • questions about faith
  • how to live in this world
  • things that trouble us
  • Is it about religion?

    Chaplains can offer you spiritual support and direction, including ritual like prayer, or point you to someone who is conversant with your religious tradition to help you in this. They will talk about religion if you want to talk about religion, but if you don't talk about it, they won't either.

    To contact a Chaplain, you can make an appointment below or by phone. You can also subscribe to the Chaplaincy News email list.

    Campus prayer rooms

    Find dedicated prayer rooms and related facilities at your campus.

    Celebrating cultural diversity

    Printable Cultural Diversity Calendar

    Cultural Diversity Calendar 2020

    See when events of cultural and spiritual significance occur throughout the year.

    Printable Calendar

    faith and food

    QFCC Faith and Food Guide

    A handy guide to the dietary requirements of various religious groups.

    Faith and Food Guide

    Embracing Multifaith perspectives

    Embracing Multifaith Perspectives

    Read more about how Griffith Chaplaincy fosters diversity and multi-faith perspectives.

    Chaplaincy at Griffith

    Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue

    The Centre for Interfaith and Cultural Dialogue at Nathan campus aims to foster respect for a diversity of religious, cultural and philosophical perspectives, values and traditions, in a bid to strengthen our communities.

    Local religious communities

    Religious groups that provide financial support to Griffith University Chaplaincy

    Others religious groups in our community

    Online Health and Wellness Centre

    Griffith's new Online Health and Wellness Centre is a portal designed to increase student awareness and understanding of mental health concerns, and learn tips for promoting better health and wellbeing such as living a healthy lifestyle, engaging in meaningful social activity, feeling safe, stable and secure, and looking after your mental wellness.

    Griffith's Online Health and Wellness Centre

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