The Brisbane RAAF Memorial Trust Scholarship is for students enrolled in a Bachelor of Aviation program (undergraduate) or students applying for or enrolled in a postgraduate academic program undertaking or proposing to undertake studies in the area of aviation.

Valued at $2,500 and includes access to any special aviation records held in the State Library of Queensland.

Applications currently closed.

Can I apply?

To be eligible you must:

  • be an Australian Citizen, Permanent Resident or Permanent Humanitarian Visa Holder
  • have completed at least 80 Credit Points of the Griffith Aviation program (for undergraduate applicants)
  • be enrolled full-time in one of the following programs:
    • 1517 - Bachelor of Aviation
    • 1367 - Bachelor of Aviation Management
    • 5647 - Master of Aviation Management
    • 5001 - Master of Philosophy - Griffith Aviation
    • 6001 - Doctor of Philosophy - Griffith Aviation.
  • Be a current/past member of the:
    • Australian Flying Corps
    • Australian Air Force Cadets
    • RAAF.


  • Be a lineal descendent of a:
    • Australian Flying Corps member
    • Australian Air Force Cadets member.

Please note: Lineal descents of RAAF members are not eligible to apply

What do I include in my application?

To be considered for this scholarship you must complete the following sections within the application:


  • Referee Reports: two Referee Reports to comment on academic and/or work in an Aviation related field.
    - Undergraduate referees will be required to list the student's academic progress to date.
    - Postgraduate referee's reports should outline student's suitability/academic or work performance for the Brisbane RAAF Memorial Trust Scholarship

* One referee report if possible should be completed by an academic staff member. The other report is to be completed by either a supervisor or employer.


Please upload the following in the supporting documentation section. (Please use only pdf, word, jpeg or excel. We can only guarantee these formats will be accepted)

  • Other- please upload evidence of either being a lineal descendant, OR a current/past member of an Australian Flying Corps member, an Australian Air Force Cadets member, a currently serving member of the RAAF, or past member of the RAAF. (Lineal descendent/members of the Royal Air Force are not eligible to apply. Certified copies of proven connection must be supplied.

Evidence can include:

  • extract of birth certificate
  • letter of confirmation of lineal descendant from RAAF
  • proven connection with the RAAF as a member
  • proven connection with the Australian Flying Corps as a member
  • proven connection with the Australian Air Force Cadets as a member


Study Details

  • Program


  • Personal Statements:
    • Community involvement and experiences: demonstrated involvement in community activities and extracurricular personal achievements.
    • Career goals and aims and aviation: Provide a personal statement.


Study Details

  • Program.
  • Honours and Research Topics: A written proposal detailing intended subject or area of research.


  • Personal Statements
    • Career goals and Aims, community involvement, experiences and aviation: Provide a personal statement.

* In the event that a recipient for the award cannot be differentiated from other applicants following the application of the above criteria, the selection committee may also consider the relevance to the aviation area of the applicant's individual programs of study.

* Applicants must be available to be interviewed by the assessment panel.

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Valued at $2,500 paid in a one-off cash instalment. Also includes access to any special aviation records held in the State Library of Queensland.

Payments are made within six weeks after the census date subject to satisfying scholarship terms and conditions.

Sponsor details

Established in 1997, through a gift of $35,000 from the Brisbane RAAF Memorial Trust, the purpose of the Brisbane RAAF Memorial Trust Scholarship is to encourage students applying for, or presently enrolled in a full-time Griffith University undergraduate or postgraduate academic program undertaking, or proposing to undertake studies in the area of aviation. In the case of postgraduate study, students undertaking research, that in the opinion of the selection committee, is relevant to the past and present roles of the RAAF (see below for eligible academic programs). The scholarship is available for 2017 and valued at a total of $2,500 (one-off cash payment), paid into the student's nominated bank account. The recipient of the scholarship will be known as the RAAF scholar.

The scholar will have access to any special records held in the State Library of Queensland (including the John Oxley Library), the RAAF Amberley Library and subject to the approval of the Senior Serving Officer at RAAF Amberley or their nominee, to other RAAF records for the purpose of research.

Royal Australian Airforce website.

Payment is made, after census, on confirmation you are enrolled at Griffith University and still meet eligibility requirements.

Applications, including referee reports and any supporting documentation, must be completed and submitted by the closing date.

Offers are made via email.

Applicants may be shortlisted and be required to provide additional information.