Sponsored by: Bequest from the estate of Peter and Emily Reinhardt


Maximum value (paid in instalments):

  • $30,000 for Bachelor of Music (3 year degree)
  • $40,000 for Bachelor of Music Performance (4 year degree)

The purpose of The Emily Reinhardt Piano Scholarship is to assist entry level undergraduate students studying keyboard (classical) at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University (QCGU).

The scholarship is to be awarded annually to a recipient as they enter their study at a first year level and will continue for the duration of their undergraduate study (3-4 years).

To be eligible you must:

  • Be applying for full-time enrolment, first year level of study, of the Bachelor of Music Keyboard (classical) or Bachelor of Music Performance studying in Keyboard (classical) at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University
  • Undertake an audition with a member of Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University Keyboard (classical) faculty
  • Not hold any other Griffith University academic scholarship that serves the same core purpose

Applications for the bursary will be automatic as part of the audition process for admission.

Assessment is made during the entry audition process. The student ranked highest at the audition process for keyboard (classical) will be offered the scholarship.

Scholarship assessment will be coordinated by QCGU.

  • The scholarship is held for the duration of the scholarship holders program of Undergraduate study, either the Bachelor of Music (3 year) or Bachelor of Music Performance (4 year)
  • The scholarship recipient should not hold any other Griffith University academic scholarship that serves the same core purpose.
  • The 2020 scholarship is valued at $10,000 per year, paid in two equal instalments after the census date in Trimester 1 and Trimester 2 only. The maximum value of the scholarship is dependent on the length of the degree for which the scholarship had been awarded;
    • $30,000 for the 3 year Bachelor of Music degree
    • $40,000 for the 4 year Bachelor of Music Performance degree
  • Payments are made up to six weeks after census date and are subject to the following conditions:
    • maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 5.5 or above. A recipient who does not achieve this GPA must agree to the terms and conditions of a 'learning contract' for a period of one(1) trimester, at the end of the 'learning contract', should the recipient not achieve a cumulative GPA of 5.5 or higher, the scholarship will be terminated.
    • remain enrolled on a full-time basis in the Bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Musical Performance, studying Keyboard (classical). Should the recipient not remain enrolled or change majors, the scholarship will be withdrawn.
    • Not be in receipt of any other scholarship funding.
  • The recipient may defer acceptance of the scholarship , due to extenuating circumstances substantiated by a medical certificate. Deferment must not exceed twelve months. Thereafter any outstanding award monies will be forfeited.

The above conditions are verified each trimester at Census date. If a scholarship recipient fails to successfully meet these conditions, scholarship payments may be withheld, or the scholarship may be terminated.

Mrs Emily Truida Reinhardt

19/09/1919 - 18/10/2017

Emily and Peter Reinhardt immigrated to Australia in 1950 from Holland. With Peter being from Jewish decent, he, his friends and family were persecuted during the war. Peter's family escaped from Germany to Holland in 1937 and they have lived there in poverty.

During the war Emily fought in the Dutch underground movement where she helped many people with her brave deeds.

The Reinhardt's lost their family wealth in Europe, when they came to Australia in 1950 they together built a new life, becoming citizens in the late 1950's. They shared a passion for music and the arts but had never been able to fulfil those dreams.

Peter was part of the Reinhardt family and his father and uncle Max Reinhardt were involved in film and theatre. Max was a noted film director and founder of the re-invigorated Salzburg festival alongside Richard Strauss. The family owned a castle in Austria, which was a gathering place for writers, actors, and composers from across the globe. The castle in latter times was also famous as the setting for the filming of the popular movie musical "The Sound of Music," which featured Julie Andrews.

This life and these assets were lost to the Nazi regime. After the war and when the Berlin wall was removed their theatre assets were recovered from East Germany. The German government compensated the Reinhardt family and Peter and Emily received their share of the inheritance.

For these two wonderful people to make a donation to Griffith University of the bulk of their estate gave them fulfilment and the journey of their money from the despair of the war to a worthwhile cause gave them great happiness.