Sponsored by The Late Hilda May Woolmer and Accompanist Guild of Queensland—runner-up prize.

Value and conditions

  • Cash award of approximately $3000 or two awards of $1500 each at the discretion of the judges.
  • Runner-up prize $500.

Date of competition

Monday 2 August 2021 at 7 pm in Ian Hanger Recital Hall

Entries close

Friday 23 July at 4 pm


Ian Hanger Recital Hall.

Candidates shall:

  • be under 26 years of age on the closing date of entry
  • be a Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University pianoforte student who has completed at least two years of a degree program at the Conservatorium
  • have prepared a study plan as per selection process (should you be awarded the prize, the study plan is required prior to payment).

Please note: Winners in previous years are ineligible to compete.

Applications form

Hilda Woolmer Prize for Piano Accompaniment 2021 application form

In making an award, consideration shall be given to the:

  • candidate's level of achievement in a competition, the final of which shall be by way of a public performance including works listed below
  • suitability of the applicant's proposed programme of study
  • candidate's overall record.

Competitors are required to demonstrate:

  • Instrumental Accompanying (Candidate to provide soloist)
    Perform a substantial movement of a major duo sonata.
  • Vocal Accompanying (Candidate to provide soloist)
    Present a programme of approximately 15 minutes with a singer of their choice to include a variety of styles and genres. This may include an operatic aria.
  • Quick Study (Conservatorium to provide soloist)
    One week to be given for the preparation of a challenging vocal accompaniment- to include rehearsal with the designated soloist
  • Sight Reading (Conservatorium to provide soloist)
    Play at sight an accompaniment.
  • Solo Work (maximum of 15 minutes)
    Own choice programme.
  • Study Plan (winner only)
    The winner of the prize is required to submit a study plan for the approval of the panel. This plan must be submitted to the Operations Administrator before 31 December of the year of the competition. Failure to submit this plan will void the awarding of this scholarship.

Judges are to be appointed by the Director (or their nominee).