Protocol numberRIMS numberTitleChief investigator
MED/11/05/HREC2005/366Clinical Examination (including blood pressure and temperature measurement)Prof Simon Broadly
MED/12/05/HREC2005/365Mini-mental state examinationProf Simon Broadley
MED/13/05/HREC2005/364Skinfold thicknessProf Simon Broadley
MED/10/06/HREC2006/65Griffith University Headache QuestionnaireProf Simon Broadley
MSC/13/11/HREC2011/587Venepuncture, umbrella ethical cover for venous blood collection from human volunteers to maintain, develop and standardise the techniques and procedures in Haematology research laboratory.Assoc Prof Indu Singh
PES/08/07/HREC2007/94Biomechanical assessment of walking and runningProf Rod Barrett
PES/22/08/HREC2008/507Muscle strength testing using an isokinetic dynamometerProf Rod Barrett
PES/01/09/HREC2009/37Peripheral Quantitative Computerized Tomography (pQCT) Testing ProtocolProf Belinda Beck
PES/11/09/HREC2009/248Calcaneal (Heel Bone) Quantitative Ultrasonometry (QUS) Testing ProtocolProf Belinda Beck
PES/19/09/HREC2009/402Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA) Testing ProtocolProf Belinda Beck
PES/24/10/HREC2010/549Assessment of human muscle activity using Intramuscular ElectromyographyAssoc Prof Justin Kavanagh

1) Biomechanical assessment of walking and running

2) Muscle strength testing using an isokinetic dynamometer

Dr David Saxby

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