Griffith researchers from a multitude of research areas are active in clean energy initiatives

Griffith researchers from the science, engineering, economics, urban planning, environmental and social sectors are active in clean energy, climate adaptation and environmental research. These research activities share common goals:

  • to increase energy efficiency;
  • to reduce environmental impact;
  • to decrease energy costs; and
  • to develop sustainable energy practices.

Building on these successes and realising cross-disciplinary approaches further strengthen research outcomes and funding applications, we’ve formed strategic research groupings to develop novel solutions in the areas of clean energy, climate adaptation and the environment.

These strategic groupings will facilitate the development of focused funding bids in the clean energy sector and explore synergies to develop cross-disciplinary approaches that will strengthen these funding applications. Importantly, these strategic groupings will identify knowledge and skill deficits and build capacity in these emerging fields.

Collectively, clean energy, climate adaptation and environmental researchers are developing evidence-based solutions so sustainable practices are the logical choice for households, industry and communities in urban, rural and remote areas.

Areas of research focus

  • Energy generation
  • Sustainable energy materials
  • Energy storage, distribution and management
  • Environmental remediation and management
  • Environmental sensors
  • Big data
  • Energy economics
  • Regulation and policy development
  • Social implementation of renewable energy sources
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Energy security.

Target applications

  • Housing—design, materials, infrastructure, environment, energy supply
  • Infrastructure—energy supply and distribution
  • Health and safety—reduced use of diesel
  • Mining vehicles—energy storage
  • Energy generation—increased use of renewable energy sources
  • Information technology—smart use of energy
  • Sustainability—increased use of renewable energy sources, sustainable land and water management.

Target industries

  • Electricity distributors
  • Construction industry—commercial and residential—architects, structural engineers
  • Government—federal, state and local
  • Mining—infrastructure, vehicles, OH&S
  • Heavy industry—infrastructure, plant
  • Transport—shipping, OH&S
  • Regulation and policy
  • Environmental management
  • Defence/aid.

Research Development team

Helping Griffith researchers develop large-scale grant funding opportunities and strategically important partnerships