Generating integrated climate change research

The Griffith Climate Change Response Program leads Griffith University’s research into climate change adaptation and mitigation. As climate change issues cut across many fields of study our research projects are transdisciplinary. The program brings together the wealth of Griffith research expertise from across the University, enabling climate change problems to be addressed in a comprehensive manner and often in conjunction with our international partners.


Join us for a seminar this Wednesday (23 May) from 2 pm at the Griffith University, Gold Coast campus with guest, Dr Scott Power, Dip. Ed., from the Bureau of Meteorology and the Global Change Institute at the University of Queensland - "Pacific climate: past, present and future".



The Griffith Climate Change Response Program, Griffith University, is proud to present a public seminar from our special guest, the Hon Prof Rachmat Witoelar: "Long-term vision on climate change actions and the Sustainable Development Goals". Prof Rachmat Witoelar will provide an update on climate change negotiations and pathways for countries to achieve Paris Agreement goals in 2050. He will also review Indonesia’s efforts and readiness towards that path.

The seminar is scheduled for Friday, 8 June from 4 pm at the Griffith University, South Bank campus.

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Research in focus - primary forest and climate change

The world’s remaining primary forest are irreplaceable sanctuaries for much of the world’s biodiversity, play a significant role in global climate, and support the sustainable livelihoods of their indigenous custodians. Policies are failing to halt their ongoing degradation and destruction.

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Snapshots from recent activities and meetings

In March 2018 the inaugural annual symposium of the Primary Tropical Forests and Climate Change project was held at Springbrook, Queensland, Australia. The project leader is Prof Brendan Mackey, Director, Griffith Climate Change Response Program. The Australian Rainforest Conservation Society is a partner in the project and was the venue host.

Day 3 of the Symposium was a field trip at Springbrook. 14 of the Symposium researchers braved the Twin Falls Track.

The circuit involved walking behind waterfalls ...

The Best of All Lookout is home to an Ancient Antarctic Beech Forest.

A close up view from the Best of All Lookout with Mt Springbrook in the foreground.

In March 2018 Sam Mackay (Program Manager, Griffith Climate Change Response Program) and Madeleine McGann (iCLIM Project Officer) participated in a workshop about the importance of climate change information and knowledge management and its critical role in adaptation planning and resilience planning with delegates from the Government of Papua New Guinea.  Hosted by the Office of Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA), the workshop saw participants agree on priority actions for establishing a strategic framework and work plan for the CCDA, as the lead government climate change agency.

Dr Tim Cadman and Dr Ed Morgan from the Griffith Climate Change Response Program led a "Laboratory" at the Solutions Pavilion at the Global Landscapes Forum that was held in Bonn, Germany from 19-20 December 2017.The Global Landscapes Forum sparks and sustains conversations on sustainability. It is the world’s largest, science-led multi-sectoral platform, engaging through global, regional and local events, national policy dialogues and online Digital Summits. At the laboratory they showcased the Primary forest and climate change project and Tim presented his interactive Climate Regime Map.

Snapshots of climate change activities

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