Institute for Ethics, Governance and Law

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In 2004, IEGL was established at the suggestion of the United Nations University (UNU) to fill an important gap in its research (ethics, governance and law) and a geographical gap (Oceania).  Through the establishment of the Institute, Griffith University became a "United Nations University Associated Institution" - the first in Australasia.  IEGL was headquartered at Griffith University's Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice and  Governance which became the first centre to join IEGL.  In 2006 two more centres joined, QUT's Law and Justice Research Centre and the Centre for International and Public Law at ANU.  IEGL led the ARC Governance Research Network (GovNet).  In 2008 the Center for Asian Integrity (CAI) was established in Manila, Philippines, under the auspices of IEGL, with the support of AusAID and USAID funding.  The CAI is the Asia-Pacific’s first regional centre for research and the prevention of corruption.  More information about the origins and development of IEGL.

IEGL's Vision is to be a globally networked resource for the development of values-based governance through research and capacity building. It aims to engage other academic, non-government organisations, government, business and multilateral institutions and networks to improve governance and build institutional integrity in governments, corporations, non-government organisations and international institutions.

IEGL's mission is to build on the strengths of the participating centres to make an internationally significant contribution to research, teaching, consultancy and capacity building in the areas of institutional and community governance.  More information on IEGL's mission and aims.

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