Am I a sponsored student?

You are a sponsored student if:

  • your tuition fees are paid by an external government or organisation; and
  • Griffith University invoices your sponsor directly for your tuition fees.

If an organisation or company gives you money to pay for your tuition fees, you are not considered a sponsored student by Griffith University's definition.

How do I pay my fees as a sponsored student?

  1. If you have a valid Financial Guarantee Letter, Griffith University will send your sponsor an invoice for your tuition fees each trimester. Your sponsor will then pay the invoice directly to Griffith University.
  2. If your sponsor pays you directly, you are responsible for paying your tuition fees by the University census date. You can visit paying your fees for more information.

How do I register to be a sponsored student?

When accepting your offer to study, you must provide a Financial Guarantee Letter from your sponsor to the Griffith International Admissions Team.

If the Financial Guarantee is approved, you will be granted a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and be registered as a sponsored student.

How can I send my sponsor my academic results?

If you are registered as a sponsored student and Griffith University has an agreement with your sponsor, we will send your academic results to them at the end of each trimester.

How do I accept my offer as an international sponsored student?

Before you accept your offer, you will need to meet all necessary requirements and submit all documents that are listed on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), along with a Financial Guarantee Letter from your sponsor.

Can I meet with a sponsored student officer?

Yes, you can meet with a sponsorship officer by booking an appointment online. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to 'Make an appointment', then click on 'Contact us' to book an appointment. We have officers at both our Gold Coast and Nathan campuses.

What is a Financial Guarantee Letter?

A Financial Guarantee Letter is an official declaration from your sponsor, on their letterhead, that they will sponsor you for study at Griffith University.

A Financial Guarantee Letter must include:

  • sponsoring organisation's name and contact details
  • your name
  • university name (Griffith University)
  • your program name and major (e.g. Griffith English Language Institute, Griffith College Foundation, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Bachelor, Masters, Professional Doctorate, PhD)
  • details of the sponsorship (commencing and finishing dates of the sponsorship, tuition fees, Overseas Student Health Cover single/family)
  • invoicing contact (name, position, address).

The Financial Guarantee Letter must be signed and dated by an authorised representative of your sponsor.

I have single Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) and want to register for family OSHC. Will my sponsor pay?

You will need to contact your sponsor to request an updated Financial Guarantee showing that OSHC is covered for both you and your dependents.

If your sponsor agrees to pay for family OSHC

You will need to submit a copy of the updated Financial Guarantee along with a completed Change of OSHC request (PDF) to your Student Centre.

If your sponsor does not agree to pay for family OSHC

You can apply to upgrade your OSHC online at OSHC Allianz Global Assistance*.

  1. Click on 'Students' in the pull-down menu
  2. Select 'Upgrade to Family Cover' from the list
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Please note, you will need your policy number to log in.

* If you have difficulties ordering your OSHC card online you can visit an OSHC representative on campus. Go to OSHC contact times for information on locations and contact times.

I submitted my final thesis and I am waiting for the correction, but my sponsorship is ended. Do I have to pay for the thesis marking period?

No, you do not have to pay any extra tuition fees during the thesis marking period, but you do need a valid student visa.

When you submitted your thesis, Griffith International informed the Department of Home Affairs and cancelled your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). You will receive an email from Griffith University's Compliance Office, to your Griffith student email account with instructions on how to change or extend your visa while your thesis is being marked.

You can find further information on our submission of a thesis webpage.

My sponsor requires an Official Letter. Can I get one from the University?

Yes, you can complete a Sponsored Student Official Statement Request (PDF) and submit it at the Student Centre. If you require any other type of Official Statement, you should complete an online request and payment through Griffith Pay.

My sponsorship is about to end but I haven't completed my program. Can I apply for an extension?

You will need to submit a new Financial Guarantee Letter from your sponsor for the additional time required.

Your sponsor may require you to write a letter to them before they can issue you with an additional Financial Guarantee. The Financial Aid and Sponsorship Office can assist you with this letter if required.

Can I transfer into another Griffith program?

You must first obtain permission from your sponsor to change your program. If you are granted approval, you should then:

Undergraduate students

Complete an online Request for an Internal Transfer form.

Postgraduate students

Lodge an Application for Admission into the new program. Eligibility criteria can be found in the 'International students - How to apply' section of the degree finder.

What happens if I complete my program early?

If you complete your program one trimester before the end date of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) or earlier, the remainder of your CoE will be cancelled and the Department of Home Affairs will be notified of your early completion. Your sponsor will also be informed.

You will then need to make arrangements to return home, or contact the Department of Home Affairs to discuss your visa options. You will not be allowed to remain in Australia on your student visa without studying.

I would like to become an Australian permanent resident. Is this permitted by my sponsor?

Generally no. Most sponsors do not allow you to change your residence status while you are on a sponsorship. You are usually required to finish your sponsored course and return to your home country as soon as your sponsorship ends. Please check the terms and conditions of your sponsorship carefully.

How can I cancel my sponsorship?

If you have been offered another scholarship or you wish to pay your own fees you may be able to cancel your sponsorship and continue studying, but you will need to carefully check the terms and conditions of your sponsorship before you decide. Some sponsors may request a refund to be paid if you cancel the sponsorship, particularly if you plan to stay in Australia.

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