Receiving financial assistance

At Griffith, we support more than 200 sponsored students from around the world, who receive financial assistance from a government, organisation or company (not private individuals, relatives or benefactors) to undertake study in Australia.


The Financial Aid and Sponsorship Office provide the following services to registered sponsored students and their sponsors:

  • designated staff members to liaise between sponsor, student and the University
  • assistance to students in fulfilling the requirements of their sponsorship agreements
  • regular contact with students and staff to monitor academic progress
  • academic results and progress reports at the end of every trimester and as requested by sponsors
  • third-party billing for registered sponsors (the University's Finance Office manages this process).

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We also provide a range of official letters to international student sponsors as a requirement of their sponsorship. The official statements we provide include:

  • student enrolment verification
  • request for additional funding for books or resources
  • request for additional funding for travel between campuses
  • no outstanding fees
  • request to extend student's sponsorship duration
  • request for additional funding for tutorial support
  • vacation letter (can be requested one trimester at a time)
  • confirmation of completion.

Please complete the Sponsored Student Official Statement Request Form to obtain a statement. Requests are usually processed within five to 10 working days.

Sponsored Student Official Statement Request Form

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