Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching is an integral part of SOPOPP’s role at Griffith University

Undergraduate and post-graduate teaching is an integral part of SOPOPP's role at Griffith University. We engage undergraduate students on major global environmental challenges and nature protection using the unique vulnerabilities of marine megafauna. Postgraduate programs align with the core research goals of SOPOPP and contribute to the exciting and multi-disciplinary research environment of SOPOPP.


Charismatic marine megafauna, such as whales, seals, dugong, polar bears, sea-birds and sea-turtles have both high societal value, as well as biologies that render them most at risk from many anthropogenic pressures. Through Griffith University’s Bachelor of Marine Science course, 2305ENV, students will gain an understanding of how a species’ unique biology/ecology may place it at elevated risk from human impacts; and how this sensitivity can be leveraged for effective ecosystem biomonitoring.

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