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First Detection of Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (SCCPs) in Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) foraging in Antarctic Waters.

Casa, V., Van Mourik, L., Weijs, L., Mueller, J., Bengtson Nash (2019) Environmental Pollution 250:953-959.

Sex Ratios of Migrating Southern Hemisphere Humpback Whales: A New Sentinel Parameter of Ecosystem Health.

Druskat, A., Ghosh, R. Castrillon, J., Bengtson Nash, S. (2019) Marine Environmental Research 151: 104749

Lifetime extension of humpback whale skin fibroblasts and their response to lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and a mixture of polychlorinated biphenyls (Aroclor).

Burkard, M.,  Bengtson Nash, S., Gambaro, G., Whitworth, D. & Schirmer, K. 2019.Cell Biology and Toxicology.

Toxicological Risks and Considerations Associated with Lipophilic Contaminant Burdens of Southern Ocean Mysticetes

Bengtson Nash, S. (2018) in Marine Mammal Ecotoxicology: impacts of multiple stressors on population health C. Fossi and C. Panti, Elsevier.

Turning Microplastics into Nanoplastics: Digestive Fragmentation by Antarctic krill

Dawson, A., S. Kawaguchi, C. King, K. Townsend, R. King, W. Huston and S. M. Bengtson Nash (2018). Nature Communications.

Uptake and depuration kinetics influence microplastic bioaccumulation and toxicity in Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)

Dawson, A., W. Huston, S. Kawaguchi, C. King, R. Cropp, S. Wild, P. Eisenmann, K. Townsend and S. Bengtson Nash (2018) Environmental Science & Technology.

Signals from the South; Humpback Whales Carry Messages of Antarctic Sea-ice Ecosystem Variability

Bengtson Nash, S., J. Castrillon, P. Eisenmann, B. Fry, J. Shuker, R. Cropp, A. Dawson, A. Bignert, P. Bohlin-Nizzetto, C. A. Waugh, B. Polkinghorne, G. Dalle Luche and D. McLagan (2017). Global Change Biology.

Persistent Organic Pollutants in the East Antarctic Atmosphere; Continuous Observations from 2009-2015 Using High Flow-through Passive Sampling

Bengtson Nash, S. M., Wild, S., Hawker, D., Cropp, R., Hung, H., Bignert, A., Broomhall, S. (2017). Environmental Science and Technology 51:13929-13937.

Expression of common biomarkers in Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) exposed to p,p’-DDE

Dawson, A., Poulsen, A. H., Huston, W., Bengtson Nash, S.M. (2017). Polar Biology 1-9.

Spring melt and the redistribution of organochlorine pesticides in the sea-ice environment: A comparative study between Arctic and Antarctic regions

Bigot, M.; Hawker, D.; Cropp, R.; Muir, D.; Jensen, B.; Bossi, R.; Bengtson Nash, S. M. (2017) Environmental Science and Technology 51: 8944-8952.

Radiocarbon as a tracer of migration in southern hemisphere humpback whales

Eisenmann, P.; Fry, B.; Mazumder, D.; Jacobsen, G.; Holyoake, C.; Coughran, D.; Bengtson Nash, S. M. (2017) Scientific Reports 7:4366.

The adipocyte index; a non-destructive biomarker of adiposity in humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)

Castrillon, J., Huston, W., Bengtson Nash, S. (2017) Ecology and Evolution 00:1-9.

The distribution of persistent organic pollutants in a trophically complex Antarctic ecosystem model

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Historic deposition of organochlorine pesticides between 1945 and 1967 at Law Dome, East Antarctica

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Research and Monitoring of Atmospheric Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in the Polar Atmosphere

Kallenborn, R.; Hung, H.; Harner, H.; Bohlin-Nizzetto, P.; Bengtson Nash, S. M. (2016). In Implications and Consequences of Anthropogenic Pollution in the polar Environment, Kallenborn, R., Ed. Springer Heidelberg.

Domoic acid as possible cause of seasonal cetacean mass stranding events in Tasmania, Australia

Bengston Nash, S. M., Baddock, M., Takahashi, E., Dawson, A., & Cropp, R. (2016). Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 4;1-6.

Isotopic evidence for a spectrum of feeding strategies in southern hemisphere humpback whale baleen records PLos One 11 (5)

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Air-seawater exchange of organochlorine pesticides in the Southern Ocean between Australia and Antarctica

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Establishment of the first humpback whale fibroblast cell lines and their application in chemical risk assessment

Burkard, M.; Schirmer, K.; Whitworth, D.; Bengtson Nash, S. M. (2015). Aquatic Toxicology 167:240-247.

Construction of a trophically complex near-shore Antarctic food web model using the Conservative Normal framework with structural coexistence

Bates, M. L., S. M. Bengtson Nash, D. W. Hawker, J. Norbury, J. S. Stark and R. A. Cropp (2015). Journal of Marine Systems 145(0): 1-14.

An Antarctic Research Station as a source of Brominated and Perfluorinated Persistent Organic Pollutants to the Local Environment

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Detoxification Enzyme Activities (CYP1A1 and GST) in the Skin of Humpback Whales as a Function of Organochlorine Burdens and Migration Status

Bengtson Nash, S. M., C. A. Waugh, M. Burkard, A. Dawson and W. Huston (2014). Aquatic Toxicology 155: 207-212.

A Nutritional-Toxicological Assessment of Antarctic Krill Oil versus Fish Oil Dietary Supplements

Bengston Nash, S. M., M. Schlabach and P. D. Nichols (2014) in Recent Advances in Omega-3: Health Benefits, Sources, Products and Bioavailability. P. Nichols, A. McManus, K. Krail, A. Sinclair and M. Miller.

A Model to Resolve the Dynamics of Organochlorine Pharmacokinetics in Migrating Humpback Whales

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A Nutritional-Toxicological Assessment of Antarctic Krill Oil versus Fish Oil Dietary Supplements

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Vertical distribution of lipids, fatty acids and organochlorine contaminants in the blubber of southern hemisphere humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)

Waugh, C. A.; Nichols, P. D.; Schlabach, M.; Noad, M.; Bengtson Nash, S. M. (2014). Marine Environmental Research.

Metabolic Concentration of Lipid Soluble Organochlorine Burdens in Humpback Whales Through Migration and Fasting

Bengtson Nash, S. M.; Waugh, C. A.; Schlabach, M. (2013). Environmental Science and Technology, 47: 9404-9413.

Dietary Exposure of Antarctic Krill top,p’-DDE; Uptake Kinetics and Toxicological Sensitivity in a key polar species

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Lipid profiles of migrating southern hemisphere humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)

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Altered developmental timing in early life stages of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) exposed to p,p’-DDE

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Aqueous uptake and sublethal toxicity of p,p'-DDE in non-feeding larval stages of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba)

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The effect of migration and fasting on organochlorine contaminants burdens in southern hemisphere humpback whales

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The environmental relevance of laboratory measured toxicity threshold concentrations of p,p'-DDE in Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba): A modelling assessment based on measured environmental levels

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Modeling of the seasonal behaviour of PCBs in a dynamic Antarctic plankton ecosystem

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Behavioural sensitivity of a key Antarctic species (Antarctic krill, Euphausia superba) to sublethal body residues of persistent organic pollutants

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A dynamic biophysical fugacity model of the movement of a persistent organic pollutant (POP) in Antarctic marine food webs

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Cytochrome P450 isoenzyme protein verified in the skin of southern hemisphere humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae); Implications for biochemical biomarker assessment

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Persistent Organic Pollutants in Antarctica; Current and Future Research Priorities

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Report of the IWC pollution 2000+ phase II workshop

Bengtson Nash, S. M., J. Bolton, R. Brownell, T. Collier, P. R. Dorneles, C. Godard-Codding, F. Gulland, J. Kucklick, L. Schwacke, S. Venn-Watson, P. Burkhardt-Holm, G. Donovan, C. Fossi, A. Hall, C. Rosa, M. Simmonds, T. Rowles and G. Ylitalo (2011). Journal of Cetacean Research Management 12: 421-436.

The influence of temperature and ecosystem dynamics on the partitioning of a Persistent Organic Pollutant (POP) in Antarctic marine food webs

Cropp, R.; Kerr, G.; Bengtson Nash, S. M.; Hawker, D. (2011). In 19th International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (MODSIM).

Perfluorinated Compounds in the Antarctic Region: Ocean Circulation Provides Prolonged Protection

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Persistent Organohalogen Contaminant Burdens in Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) From the Eastern Antarctic Sector: A Baseline Study

Bengtson Nash, S. M.; Kawaguchi, S.; Poulsen, A. H.; Vetter, W.; Schlabach, M. (2008). Science of the Total Environment 407:304-314.

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