Facility Manager

Moana Simpson

Ms Moana Simpson was instrumental in the initial development and subsequent growth of Compounds Australia. She has an invaluable combination of skills to contribute to specialist compound management; including high end laboratory automation, high throughput screening and a thorough knowledge of drug discovery principles and practices.

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Operations Manager

Rebecca Lang

Ms Rebecca Lang’s expertise encompasses a rare combination of skills, including laboratory automation, programming and database operations combined with an understanding of research needs. She has critical experience in customer service, lab management and staff training as well as high level time management skills.

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Strategic Business Manager

Wilma James

Ms Wilma James comes to Compounds Australia after nearly 10 years at UniQuest, UQ’s commercialisation company, and before that five years at CSIRO, giving her enormous experience in the funding and strategic management of scientific infrastructure.

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Automation Engineer

Stephen Toms

Stephen Toms’ expertise in lab automation support is a result over 20 years’ experience in both the academic and private sectors. Working with the industry’s most innovative companies he is known for providing high level customer support and quality engineering services to major research laboratories across Australasia. Stephen has joined Compounds Australia as the group’s full time Automation Engineer.

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Paris McSwaine

Operations Technician

Ashley Williams

Operations Technician

Heather Watts

LCMS Operations

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