Membership of Compounds Australia has significant benefits and advantages

Our members are given the opportunity to access a range of world-class services hosted by the facility.

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Membership of Compounds Australia is at an organisational level. A member is the legal entity, whether private or public, that enters into an agreement with Compounds Australia.

Our members pay:

  • an annual fee based on Membership Category
  • fees for individual operations, such as storage, replication, reformatting and sample processing. Fees vary according to Membership Category.

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University or academic

Compounds Australia offers Australian Universities a 3-year or 5-year membership, allowing both access and deposit of samples.


Compounds Australia offers biotech, pharma and other companies 1-year or 3-year memberships. Members can choose whether to deposit or access samples, or both.


Compounds Australia offers publicly funded research organisations, medical research institutes and other non-profits 1-year or 3-year memberships. Members can choose whether to deposit or access samples, or both.

Our members

Griffith University
The University of Queensland
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
James Cook University
Cancer Therapeutics CRC
Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
Children's Cancer Institute
Monash University
Flinders University
Macquarie University
QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
The University of Melbourne
The University of Adelaide
RMIT University
Children's Medical Research Institute
University of South Australia
University of Tasmania
University of Wollongong Australia
Regen BioPharma Inc.
Medicines for Malaria Venture
University of New England
The University of Western Australia
The University of Sydney
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
St Vincent's Institute
Telethon Kids Institute
Australian National University


Compounds Australia operates a partial cost recovery model and as such we are unable to fully fund new and replacement infrastructure. Accordingly, in collaboration with our stakeholders, we must pursue competitive infrastructure funding. Research metrics are central to supporting our case for funding as they help to highlight our contribution to the Australian research ecosystem. In order to compile and report these metrics, we are reliant on researchers, institutes and members acknowledging Compounds Australia’s role where possible, including in publications and presentations.

Acknowledgment need only be a single line in print or papers, or the use of the logo in presentations along with a quick email informing Compounds Australia that acknowledgment has been made.

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