Boost your employability skills with a local internship experience

There are many benefits to completing a local internship including gaining practical experience. Employers seek candidates who are job-ready and prepared to hit the ground running. An internship can assist you in developing a range of personal and professional skills sought after by employers.

Why choose an internship?

Earn credit towards your degree

Gain experience in the real world

Open up a world of opportunity

Make lifelong connections

Available internship Courses

Griffith Business School offers a suite of employability courses that come with the added bonus of 10–20 credit points towards your studies. Most have prerequisites you must fulfil before you can enrol, so be sure to read the eligibility criteria before applying. Our approved programs include employability courses and internships (both structured and volunteer).

Undergraduate courses    
Course Interest area Credit pointsLocationStart

Business Planning WIL - 1003GBS
Business (All) 20 Logan T2, T3

Business Strategy WIL - 2012GBS
Business (All) 20 Logan T2, T3

Internship I - 3001GBS
Business (All) 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2, T3

Internship II - 3000GBS
Business (All) 20 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2, T3

Industry Project - 3002GBS
Business (All) 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2, T3

I-WIL in Impact Oriented Workplaces - 3101GBS
Business (All) 10 Gold Coast, Nathan, Online T2, T3

Community Internship - 3002LFC
Business (All) 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2, T3

Commerce Internship - 3000AFE
Accounting, Finance and Economics 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2, T3

Student Investment Fund - 3217AFE
Accounting, Finance and Economics 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2
Work Integrated Learning – Part 1 through 4  Accounting, Finance and Economics 40 Online T1, T2

Accounting, Finance and Economics    T1, T2

Accounting, Finance and Economics    T1, T2

Accounting, Finance and Economics   T1, T2

Accounting, Finance and Economics   T1, T2
Work Integrated Learning II  Part 1through 2 Accounting, Finance and Economics 20 Online T1, T2

Accounting, Finance and Economics   T1, T1

Accounting, Finance and Economics   T1, T2

Work Placement (Political Practice) - 3101GIR
Government and International Relations 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1

Career Development - 3400THS
Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2
Postgraduate courses    
Courses Interest area Credit pointsLocationStart

Internship I - 7004GBS
Business (All) 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2, T3

Internship II - 7005GBS
Business (All) 20 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2, T3

Industry Project - 7009GBS
Business (All) 10 Online T2, T3

Community Internship - 7510LFC
Business (All) 10 Gold Coast, Nathan T1, T2, T3

Student Investment Fund - 7261AFE
Accounting, Finance and Economics 10 Nathan T1, T2

To apply for an internship

Enrol in one of the courses above via myGriffith and follow the registration process

Example opportunities with high profile industry partners

Hotel, Tourism, Event, Sport, Real Estate and Property
  • QLD Tourism Industry Council – Tourism Assistant Internship
  • Surfing QLD – Sport Event Operations Internship
  • Sheraton Grand Mirage Resort GC & Marriot Surfers Paradise – Hotel Finance
  • Touch Footbal QLD - Community Sport Event Assistant
Human Resource, Government and Marketing:
  • Sofitel Gold Coast – Human Resource Internship (only 3 internship positions available)
  • Gold Coast Airport – Business Culture and Development Intern
  • Bentleys Brisbane – Performance Management Intern
  • Gold Coast Suns – Marketing Intern
  • Chempro – Intern Marketing Assistant
Accounting, Finance and Economics:
  • Crowe – Accounting Internship
  • Simmons Livingstone – Financial Planning and Accounting Internship
  • MBA Partnerships (GC)  – Accounting Internship (only 2 positions available)
  • Griffith Tax Clinic
  • Deloitte Access Economics

Student success stories

Nathan Brierley

Bachelor of Commerce

“When I was going to job interviews, I was able to draw on my Department of State Development internship experience and it helped me a lot,” he says. “The internship was the course I got the most out of at university, in terms of preparing me for the workplace. The job that I did at the Department was CG modelling, which makes up a lot of what I do for my career now.

“With the skills I learnt through the internship program, I was able to leverage that in the interview process to get the job I have now.”

Alvin Yap

Bachelor of Commerce/ Bachelor of International Business

“I volunteered with the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games through the Griffith partnership and then when it came up I applied for an internship and was successful. I was so grateful to be working alongside people with Games experience and getting to learn from them. I learned so many transferable skills while working on the Commonwealth Games that it’s opened my eyes to what I can do after I graduate… I’d love to work on the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. You can’t really learn how to become a leader from books, you have to learn from experience and that’s what Griffith Business School gives: opportunities and experiences to get better at these skills.”

Emily Hayward

Bachelor of Business

“An internship is the most important thing you can do while studying,” she says. “To stand out in interviews you have to have relevant work experience, which could be an internship, tutoring or research assistant work … Relevant experience puts weight behind your resume. Your grades prove that you know the theory, but your experience in the field proves that you understand the application and adds value to you as a future employee.”

Get a headstart with BusinessPLUS

The BusinessPLUS program designed to help you get a headstart on your work experience and career through a range of co-curricular and professional opportunities. The program provides you with a structured plan of activities to complete over the course of your degree, supporting you to explore your career options, develop skills sought by employers, and graduate with an edge in today’s competitive job market.

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