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Work-integrated learning opens doors, creates connections and builds your network

Griffith Business School’s Work-integrated learning (WIL) program offers undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research students the opportunity to participate in a range of learning experiences including industry-led projects, community-focussed and virtual internships that allow you to apply your knowledge, increase your employability and provide valuable career development opportunities. WIL also includes a range of workplace simulations, study tours, experiential learning, and career development courses.

Local Internship

Spending time in the workplace whilst at university will build valuable employability skills highly sought after by employers. A local internship will provide you with the opportunity to use the knowledge you've gained through study in a real world environment, and develop the skills to gain and build a successful career. Currently we are offering virtual internships where you and our industry partners can work together, remotely. Choose one of our internships or BYO your own opportunity (self-sourced internship).

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HDR Internships

A Work-Integrated Learning experience may be the most important step in the success of your career. The Griffith Business School facilitates internships and industry experiences for Higher Degree Research students to allow you to gain practical experience, strengthen your transferable, professional and research skills, and build networks with industry, government or non-government organisations. We will work with you and your HDR Supervisor to support an industry-based internship.

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Global Internships

Immerse yourself in another culture, embrace new challenges and grow your resilience and versatility with a global WIL experience. Global internships offer students nearing completion of their degree the opportunity to increase employability by gaining practical exposure to a professional environment in an international setting. Funding assistance and OS-HELP loans are available for eligible applicants. Additional short-term and exchange programs are available through Griffith's Go Global hub. Remote Global WIL experiences will be offered in Trimester 3, 2020.

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  • to opens doors to the world of work and prepares you to be job ready
  • to gain valuable industry experiences in real-world settings
  • to give you experiences that directly relate to your courses being studied at university
  • helps you build invaluable and sought after employability skills so you can stand out from the crowd

Griffith Business School's Work-integrated learning program is not just any work experience opportunity, it is:

  • focused on professional and career development opportunities that challenge your thinking and open-up the potential for you to become a graduate of influence and impact.
  • founded on scholarly and academic contributions to maximise your learning and development of a professional identity; including approaches and strategies that integrate theory with the practice of work within a purposefully designed curriculum.
  • forward-thinking; challenging the norm and constantly looking for innovative ways to prepare you to be responsive leaders who understand the needs of business in times of recovery, regeneration, renewal and revitalisation.

Work-integrated learning offers multiple ways for you to work with our valued industry partners, so you can tailor your experience to achieve your professional development and career goals. You can sign up for:

  • Local internships are based on professional practice roles, projects, activities and tasks. Students who spend time in the workplace whilst at university build valuable employability skills, highly sought after by graduate employers. Local internships provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge gained through study in a real-world environment and develop the skills to gain and sustain employment and build a successful career after graduation.
  • Industry or community project internships where you can work individually or in dynamic multi-disciplinary teams in face-to-face or remote and virtual workplace settings.
  • study tour or global internship
  • simulated work environment or scenario-based experience.

You can enrol in an approved course which gives you credit towards your degree, or BYO internship opportunity (self-sourced internship).


We offer a wide range of internships in:

  • Accounting Finance and Economics
  • Business Innovation and Business Strategy
  • Employment Relations and Human Resources
  • Government and International Relations
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate and Property Development
  • Tourism, Sport, Hotel, and Event Management

1. Choose your offering

Griffith Business School's Work-integrated learning offers multiple entry points for industry partners to work with students depending on the organisation’s needs or specific requirements.

Industry partners can offer a:

  • Industry or community project (on campus or in a workplace) where students can work individually or in a dynamic multi-disciplinary team.
  • Local internship that is based on professional practice roles, activities and tasks. Students who spend time in the workplace whilst at university build valuable employability skills, highly sought after by graduate employers. Local internships provide opportunities for students to apply knowledge gained through study in a real-world environment and develop the skills to gain and sustain employment and build a successful career after graduation.
  • NEW Virtual internships where students and industry partners who are remotely located can work together. Virtual internships (starting in T2 2020) open up work experience opportunities beyond SEQ – think capital cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and rural, remote and regional Australia, or the NT!
  • case study or scenario-based work experience
  • be involved in a study tour, global internship, or simulated work environment experience

2. Express your interest or talk to one of our friendly team member

3. Complete the registration process and our WIL agreement.

Community-based organisations, start-up configurations, small to medium enterprises, as well as local, state and federal government organisations remain important partners of Griffith Business School. We work with our partners across all-levels to give students valuable exposure to work-related activities that is relevant to their course of study, and sets them up to be the highly skilled workforce that the community and industry needs.

We are innovative in our approaches, and virtual internships provide a new avenue for students to work remotely on a project, connecting with their teams through technology. This provides students with a unique experience to working with start-ups for example, and across multiple jurisdictions and across borders.

Student stories

Internship leads to dream career

Griffith Business School graduate Azaria Bell has turned an internship opportunity into a career with Stonehouse Group.

Azaria’s initial placement with the prestigious financial advice firm was part of her prize as the winner of the Stonehouse Group Scholarship. Now an Associate Adviser with the group, Azaria says she thinks it was a combination of the theory and the soft skills she learnt while at Griffith that set her apart from other candidates.

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Work ready

Thanks to 'extra' opportunities

Nathan Brierley is kicking career goals, having recently been promoted to Senior Economist at the world-renowned Deloitte Access Economics. It’s a position he credits to hard work, dedication and the extracurricular opportunities he had access to while studying with Griffith.

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Want to become an industry partner?

Do you have a project or work experience opportunity available for business students? Register as an industry partner and we will assist to fill gaps in personnel and projects. Our enthusiastic students can help you harness fresh ideas and new perspectives, and help you stay in touch with current trends.

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