Spend time in the workplace and prepare for the job market

Our work-integrated learning and internship opportunities allow industry to engage undergraduate and postgraduate business students for hands-on learning in degree-relevant projects.


WIL bridges the gap between university qualification and work experience. It is an essential part of preparing for the job market and enhancing employability. Students who spend time in the workplace whilst at university build valuable employability skills, highly sought after by graduate employers. WIL at Griffith includes:

  • Learning activities within virtual and simulated work environments
  • Professional practice and work placements including internships
  • Industry experience
  • Industry projects (on campus or in a workplace)
  • Volunteer work.

Local WIL opportunities

Become more aware of Australian workplace culture and expectations, gain insight into potential career options and enhance your employability through a local WIL course.

Enrol in an approved course which also gives you credit towards your degree, or source your own WIL opportunities.

Global WIL opportunities

Immerse yourself in another culture, embrace new challenges and grow your resilience and versatility with a global WIL experience. Funding assistance and OS-HELP loans are available for eligible applicants. Additional short-term and exchange programs are available through Griffith's Go Global hub.

Become an industry partner

Do you have a project or work experience opportunity available for business students? Register as a local WIL industry partner and we will assist to fill gaps in personnel and projects; harness fresh ideas and new perspectives; stay in touch with current trends and approaches, and identify talented, enthusiastic students for graduate and other positions.

Gold Coast hospital interns with Ian Langdon

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