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Griffith Business School’s Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Program offers undergraduate, postgraduate and higher degree by research students the opportunity to participate in a range of work-integrated learning experiences including industry-led projects, community-focussed internships in either a local or international setting.

We partner with industry all around the globe to facilitate internship placements for our students. We'll match your requirements to our talent.

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I want a business internship

A local business internship will provide you with the opportunity to use the knowledge you've learnt through study and apply it in a real-world environment. You'll gain invaluable work experience and employability skills as well as develop the know-how to kick-start a successful career.

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I want a global internship

Immerse yourself in another culture, embrace new challenges and grow your versatility with a global internship experience. Gain invaluable practical exposure in a international professional environment. Opportunities available in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China and more.

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I want a HDR internship

Gain practical experience, strengthen your transferable, professional and research skills, and build networks with industry, government or non-government organisations. We will work with you and your HDR Supervisor to support an industry-based internship.

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I want a business student

Do you have a project or suitable work for a business students? Our undergraduate and postgraduate students can help you harness fresh ideas and new perspectives, and help you realise your business goals.

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About the program

The Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Program provides students with the opportunity to apply their learning from academic studies to relevant experiences and reciprocate learning back to their studies.

As part of the WIL Program, we offer business internships. An internship enables students to gain essential work experience in a professional, industry setting. It offers our industry partners the opportunity to nurture and harness a student's potential while in the workplace.

Our internship placements are:

  • focused on professional and career development opportunities that challenge our student's thinking and broadens their potential to become a graduate of influence and impact.
  • founded on scholarly and academic contributions to maximise learning and development of a professional identity; including approaches and strategies that integrate theory with the practice of work within a purposefully designed curriculum.
  • forward-thinking were we challenge the norm and constantly look for innovative ways to prepare responsive leaders who understand the needs of business in times of recovery, regeneration, renewal and revitalisation.

About the internships

An internship placement follows the academic structure of our Bachelor of Business Program, therefore placements are available in the following business disciplines:

  • Accounting Finance and Economics
  • Business Innovation and Business Strategy
  • Employment Relations and Human Resources
  • Government and International Relations
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate and Property Development
  • Tourism, Sport, Hotel, and Event Management

Each Trimester, internship placement offerings may differ depending on what our industry partner's availability is.

An internship is a credit-based academic course which students can enrol in then apply for a placement. The application process follows a real-world, competitive recruitment and selection criteria so students will need to prepare a resume and cover letter specific to the internship placement they wish to apply for.

An internship is one to two days in a workplace environment and can be either face-to-face, virtual or a blend of both.

Students are required to complete the BusinessPLUS workshops series before enrolling in an internship course.

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