About this service

This service supports the use of Lecture Capture, which allows allows lecturers to make digital recordings of course material and deliver it to students via Learning@Griffith.

We assist with using the software, issue resolution, application and integration management, enhancement support and vendor liaison.

This service is for

  • Academic staff
  • professional staff
  • HDR students
  • undergraduate students
  • postgraduate students

What to expect

Administering, managing and troubleshooting Lecture Capture (Echo360) software

Supporting filming devices and recording devices such as microphones

Support is available Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

The service is monitored on-call from:

  • weekdays: 7am – 10pm
  • weekends: 9am – 5pm

There are no direct internal costs.

Activities are undertaken as part of an Electronic Infrastructure Capital Plan (EICP) project and will be costed back to that project via a timesheeting system.

External costs will be passed through to the project.

To access this service

  • to support the Lecture Capture policy, a new automated booking service will automatically book and record all lectures timetabled in Lecture Capture-enabled venues
  • seminars, tutorials, workshops, ad hoc lectures and all other teaching activities should be booked by staff via the online booking form


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