About this service

This service provides cyber security resilience for Griffith University, covering:

  • advice and training
  • incident responses
  • TLS and SSL certificate management
  • vulnerability scanning and penetration testing
  • anti-virus software (Symantec)
  • border, data perimeter and identity protection

This service is for

Griffith University staff and students.

What to expect

Advice and training

  • General, awareness, advice on cyber security safe practices.
  • Warnings and alerts on cyber security threats.
  • Consultancy for any aspect of cyber security to a range of stakeholders.
  • Advice and guidance to IT Service Centre for the support of staff and students.
  • Reviews and risk assessments on cyber security solutions for any Griffith IT project.

Incident response

  • Incidents should first be reported to the IT Service Centre, who will then contact the Cyber Security Team.
  • Support for incidents such as malware, phishing, ransomware, unauthorised access (hacking), data breaches, website defacements and other incidents.
  • Recovery from incidents and identification of additional controls required.

TLS and SSL certificate management

  • Management of new TLS and old SSL certificates for Griffith University servers.
  • Replacement of deprecated SSL certificates (replaced with TLS).

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing

  • Initiation of self-directed Teable scans.
  • Coordination of external vendor-based penetration testing and security assessments.
  • Patch, configuration, compliance auditing and malware discovery.
  • Identification of sensitive data (personally identifiable information), financial and medical data.
  • Identification and prioritisation of vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure and services.
  • Recommendation of security controls and countermeasure to mitigate identified weaknesses.

Border, data perimeter and identity protection

  • Log correlation and analysis.
  • Security Operations Centre activities.
  • Sector-based Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) information sharing.
  • Threat trend analysis and early warning services.

Phone and onsite support available: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

There is no cost to use this service unless additional services are required.

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