The Kindergarten program encourages learning through play to enhance all aspects of your child’s development and learning. Your child will learn fundamental social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills through both spontaneous and teacher-directed projects.

Kindy children enjoy uninterrupted periods of play time, utilising resources including blocks and construction, collage, drawing, puzzles, imaginative and sensory play. Messy play is also encouraged and embraced.

We will also collaborate with you and your child on a transition statement, summarising your child's learning and development during the Kindergarten year. This may be passed on to your child’s school upon starting the Prep year.

Take comfort in knowing that your child will be learning in a government approved Kindergarten program, following the QLD Government Guidelines.

* Please note that for your child must be turning 4 years old by 30th June to be eligible for our Kindergarten programs.

If you would like your child to grow and excel in our Kindy Room, please fill out our online form and we will be in contact in the coming days.

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2020 Fees $100 per day

Minimum booking 3 days.