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Research themes

We have opportunities for PhD study across a range of themes, including:

  • Homicide
  • Developmental pathways to violence
  • Criminal careers across the lifecourse
  • Youth violence and youth delinquency
  • Intimate partner violence
  • Mental health and violence
  • Alcohol/substance misuse and violence.

Research candidates

Research candidates ( PhD and masters) play an important role in the research efforts of Griffith University. Students from across Griffith University are affiliated with the Violence Research and Prevention Program.

Student nameSupervisors Project title
BROWN, Francesca Professor Mark Kebbell Assessing risk in internet child sex offenders
CHEYNE, Nicola

Associate Professor  Susan Dennison

Professor Anna Stewart

Stalking: A spatial temporal analysis
CHIU, Yi-Ning (Winnie) Dr Benoit Leclerc

Professor Stephen Smallbone

Patterns in unsolved sexual offenses against women by strangers
DAVEY, Linda Professor Michael Balfour Theatre of possibilities: A strengths approach to tranformative theatre
DOWLING, Christopher Dr Benoit Leclerc

Dr Jesse Cale

Sexual offending across the lifecourse
GAGIC, Vedran Professor Drew Nesdale

Dr Amanda Duffy

Peer group processes in childhood bullying: The application of Social Identity Development Theory
LEESON, Sjharn

Dr John Rynne

Dr Catrin (Kate) Smith

Violence, penology and human rights: 'prison quality' and what it means for Indigenous female prisoners from remote communities (WA and NT)
MARTIN, Kristy Professor Mark Kebbell

Dr Michael Townsley

Dr Louise Porter

Analyst decision making in criminal intelligence analysis
NANCARROW, Heather Professor Kathleen Daly

Associate Professor  Elena Marchetti

Legal responses to intimate partner violence: Gendered aspirations and racialised realities
NARNST, Adam Associate Professor  Nigel Krauth

Dr Sally Breen

Meat Poetry - Violent dialectics of life and the sublime



Professor Stephen Smallbone

Professor Anna Stewart

An investigation of chronic endemic youth sexual violence and abuse
WOODLAND, Sarah Associate Professor  Penelope Bundy

Professor Michael Balfour

Devised drama with women and Indigenous participants in correctional contexts: a Theatre Action Research project
Student nameSupervisors Project title

Professor Mark Finnane

Associate Professor Regina Ganter

Dr John Richards

Investigating death: The transformation of the Coroner's Office in Queensland
DEANDRAGE, Dominique Professor Ross Homel Violence in Paradise: The physical, social and perceived environments n a beachside entertainment district
ERIKSSON, Li Professor Paul Mazezrolle

Dr Hennessey Hayes

Intimate partner homicide and General Strain Theory: Exploring the relationship

Professor Bruce Burton

Dr Julie Dunn

Addressing bullying in schools: Strategies, structures and scaffolding
IBRAHIM, Nada Associate Professor  Mohamad Abdalla

Professor Paul Mazerolle

Intimate partner violence in the diverse Australian Muslim community: Exploring attitudes, beliefs and direct involvement
KATIC, Nadine (nee McKillop)

Professor Stephen Smallbone

Professor Richard Wortley

Prospective longitudinal study of child sex offender recidivism

Professor Sharon Dawe

Dr Penny Davis

An investigation of aggression in Methamphetamine users
MARTIN, Kristy Professor Mark Kebbell

Dr Michael Townsley

Dr Louise Porter

Analyst decision making in criminal intelligence analysis
MEYER, Silke

Professor Paul Mazerolle

Dr Elena Marchetti

Understanding the help-seeking decisions of female victims of intimate partner violence
PARKER, Richard Professor Stephen Smallbone

Professor Richard Wortley

A prospective longitudinal study of child-sex offender recidivism
PERDACHER, Elke Professor Mark Kebbell Quality of admission in child sexual offenders across the Judicial System: Offenders, victim and offence characteristics
WESTERA, Nina Professor Mark Kebbell Improving outcomes for rape trials: Does interview format matter?

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