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Violence touches every community across Australia.  The consequences of violence, how best to control violence and how to prevent violence from occurring, reflect major ongoing concerns for Commonwealth, State, and Local governments as well as the general community.

Unique in Australia, the Griffith University Violence Research and Prevention Program produces cutting-edge knowledge about the causes and consequences of violence, and best practice approaches to understanding, controlling and preventing violence. With its multi-disciplinary focus, the VRPP is able to address significant knowledge gaps within university, community and government networks in Australia.

The VRPP emphasises independent, rigorous research that is relevant for enhancing knowledge and informing policy and practice.  VRPP members possess extensive experience gained not only within academia, but across the public, private and non-profit sectors, giving the VRPP unparalleled ability to identify and develop research that has practical application and policy relevance.

The VRPP also includes a specialised violence prevention training program—MATE Bystander Program (formerly known as Mentors in Violence Prevention).


  • Increase knowledge and understanding about the causes, consequences, prevention and control of violence.
  • Inform government departments about available evidence on effective policies and programs.
  • Raise public awareness and consciousness about the costs and consequences of violence, and effective prevention strategies.
  • Develop effective research collaborations and partnerships.


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Program Focus

The Griffith University Violence Research and Prevention Program focuses on conducting independent, rigorous research, including primary, secondary, evaluative and applied research that enhances knowledge and informs policy and practice.

Program Functions

Research and evaluation

The VRPP includes pure and applied research, and opportunities for evaluating violence prevention initiatives.


The VRPP provides unique opportunities for PhD students and post-doctoral fellows. Additionally, the Graduate Certificate in Crime and Violence Prevention provides useful skills for individuals working in government and the practitioner community.

Information dissemination

The VRPP enables non-academic audiences to access the latest information about various forms of violence and available evidence on best practice for prevention.

Training and prevention

The VRPP includes expert trainers in violence prevention. The development and delivery of training workshops is a key component of this function and incorporates the highly acclaimed MATE Bystander Program.

MATE Bystander Program

The MATE Bystander Program aims to engage participants in discussions about abusive behaviour and the ways we create a culture that nurtures gender inequality.

The Program is designed to teach community members how to recognise abuse and have the confidence to speak out and offer help.

Partnerships and collaboration



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