As part of your audition, you may be required to complete two phases

Phase 1 comprises a submission of a music CV and video audition or folio, while Phase 2 requires a live audition and/or interview during audition week.

Explore the processes and requirements of Phase 1 and Phase 2, and be sure to follow the link to your specialisation for further details.

The audition information on this page is for undergraduate applicants only. For postgraduate information, see postgraduate audition requirements.

Phase 1

Depending on your specialisation, you will be asked to submit a combination of an audition video and music CV or music CV and folio.

Music CV

You will need to download and complete a pro-forma music CV here:

Music CV

If you are applying for multiple specialisations under the Bachelor of Music, only one music CV is required. Should you progress to Phase 2, your music CV will also assist with your interview.

Video auditions

If you are required to prepare and submit a recorded performance, see the individual specialisations below for details.

How to prepare your recording


Both the Composition and Creative Music Technology specialisations require separate folio submissions.

See these individual specialisations for details.

Submit your Phase 1 Audition

To submit your Phase 1 audition, complete the audition registration form.

Audition registration form

Phase 2

If you are invited to Phase 2, you will be asked to attend either a live or online performance audition and/or interview.

Performance audition (live or online)

Invitations for Phase 2 will be sent two weeks prior to the audition. To prepare for your live audition, refer to your specialisation below for details.

Note: Not all pieces will necessarily be heard and not all pieces will be heard in their entirety.


If your specialisation requires you to provide an accompanist for your audition, you can either provide your own or organise someone from the list of accompanists below.



All specialisations have an interview component as part of Phase 2. The interview may be conducted on-campus or online.

Your music CV submitted in Phase 1 may be referred to, and assist in discussions at your interview.

For the interview requirements, see your individual specialisation below.



Classical Voice


Creative Music Technology

Jazz Instrumental

Jazz Voice



Popular Music



Prepare your video

Additional information to help with preparing your video audition.

Find out more

Audition checklist

Download our checklist to ensure you have completed all audition requirements.

Find out more

Audition submission

To submit your Phase 1 audition, complete the audition registration form.

Audition registration form

Prior musical experience

While not used to determine admission to the Bachelor of Music at the Conservatorium, it is recommended you have sound knowledge of music fundamentals and aural skills for a smooth transition into the demands of the program.