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Visit some of the spaces that the Griffith Film School (GFS) has to offer; explore the cinema in 360° and experience GFS from wherever you are, without stepping foot on campus.

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Explore our on-campus cinema in 360°

The Griffith Film School is recognised worldwide for producing graduates that are highly skilled and prepared for the film and screen media industry. The facilities at the South Bank campus allow students to take their projects from the classroom to the big screen all in one place. The state-of-the-art cinema allows students to access the latest sound-mixing technology while still studying. Students are connected to the world with Oscar, BAFTA, Emmy and Cannes winning film-makers video conferencing annually as part of student masterclasses. The 92 seat surround-sound cinema, houses industry-standard projection facilities and is used for film screenings and local and international festivals.

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Explore our stop motion studio

At Griffith Film School, students have access to the stop motion studios as part of their animation studies. Students who are inspired by animation films such as Wallace and Gromit learn how to use materials such as puppets, paint, sand and people to create their own stop motion animations. This studio features the state-of-the-art camera equipment and lighting setup required to create industry-standard outcomes.

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Explore our Television studios

The Griffith Film School introduces students to the television studio from the first year, with opportunities to take further electives, including sports outdoor broadcast. The studio is set-up as a live television floor, with a 3-camera and control room to provide students with a hands-on learning experience. This studio also doubles as a Motion-Capture facility.  Motion-Capture records the actions of human actors, and using this information creates digital characters. Examples of this technology can be seen with the dancing penguins in Happy Feet.

Explore our Soundstage

The Soundstage is the second studio within the Griffith Film School. This room was the original dance hall in this heritage listed building but is now used primarily for the teaching of camera, lighting, tracking and production design.

The soundstage is used for filming student and industry productions, as it houses one of the largest permanent chromakey (green screen) cyclorama and hydraulic lighting hoists in the state.

Explore our Sound recording studios

Sound is incredibly important to any screen-based production, be it live-action, animation or games. Sound recording and sound design is therefore, a major discipline within the Griffith Film School curriculum. The school accommodates two sound booths that have ADR, which allows students to re-record dialogue after the filming process to improve audio quality.

Both booths also have a digital sound effects library, with students also having the ability to make their own sound effects by using foley pits.

South Bank campus tour

Our South Bank campus is the creative hub of Griffith University.

Ways to experience virtual reality

New to virtual reality? You can view our 360º tours and videos using your phone, tablet, computer or VR headset. You can also use the YouTube app on your device.

On your computer you can click to change your perspective and on your phone or tablet you can move your phone or use your finger.

A VR headset will give you the best experience and let you feel like you are really on-campus. Before you immerse yourself remember to take note of your surroundings, have a clear space around you and keep your feet on the ground. If you get dizzy please take a break. Coming to Griffith is exciting but we don’t want you to get a head spin!

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