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Our teaching staff provide diverse industry experience, real-life context and a commitment to students beyond expectations. They are also invested in researching, publishing, and practicing within a broad range of industry, discipline and cultural domains – passing on the latest knowledge to students.

Griffith Film School executives

Herman van Eyken
Director, Griffith Film School

Prof Herman van Eyken

Herman van Eyken has a background in scriptwriting, producing and directing. He has directed more than 190 films – shortlisted within international film festivals such as Cannes, New York, Montreal and Vienna. His research interests lay in the area of film policies, cross cultural collaboration and film training needs for professionals.

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Trish FitzSimons
Deputy Director, Griffith Film School

Prof Trish FitzSimons

Trish FitzSimons is a documentary film-maker with research interests in documentary history, theory and policy and screen distribution. Much of her media work has explored historical themes. Her recent creative research project entitled Time and Tide: The Life of Norman Creek included developing an exhibition on this theme with the Museum of Brisbane.

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Research and Postgraduate

Dr Debra Beattie
HDR Convenor
Dr Peter Hegedus
Program Director, Master of Screen Production


Dr Tim Marsh
Program Director, Honours


Dr Peter Moyes
Program Director, Animation
Dr Louise Harvey
Dr Zeynep Akcay
Dr Leila Honari

Games Design

Mr Gordon Moyes
Program Director, Games Design
Dr Tim Marsh
Program Director, Honours

Film and Screen Media Production

Dr Dean Chircop
Program Director, Film and Screen Media Production
Dr Nico Meissner
Curriculum Planning
Mr Ashley Burgess
Griffith Film School International Convenor
Dr Margaret McVeigh
Ms Sue Swinburne
Ms Erika Addis


Mr Richard Fabb
LiveLab Creative Director

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