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How to donate

If you are based in the United States, we encourage you to make contact with the Friends of Griffith USA. They are keen contributors to many of the University's philanthropic activities.

Donations to the Friends of Griffith University in the United States Inc. are eligible for a tax deductibility within the guidelines established by the Internal Revenue Service. Friends of Griffith University in the United States Inc is a 501 c3 Charitable organisation.

Why giving matters

Philanthropy is the gift of giving. It is an act performed selflessly to benefit others.

At Griffith University, our belief in the power of education manifests in a commitment to ensure all students—regardless of their personal or financial circumstances—have every opportunity to succeed in their studies and make significant impacts in their chosen fields.

Our ranking in the top three per cent of universities in the world attests to the quality of our learning, teaching and research programs. However, ongoing success depends not only on the future generosity of governments and industry partners, but on donations from individuals, community groups and philanthropic organisations.

Philanthropy makes an immediate impact on the university experience, particularly for students in need. We are deeply grateful for the philanthropy of donors to the Annual Appeal. The impact of your gift to the Annual Appeal is doubled, as the University matches all gifts dollar for dollar.

The Griffith Futures Scholarships we offer as a result of your support enable talented students to continue to be the best that they can be as they strive to reach their education goals. Your support represents a belief in, and commitment to, their future.

Every gift matters. Every gift makes a difference. Giving transforms lives.

Thank you for your generosity.

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