Griffith University is internationally renowned for the strength of our environmental study, philosophy and commitment.

In fact, Australian Environmental Studies was one of the four Foundation Schools established at the inception of the University in 1971.

Almost 50 years later, this focus has only broadened our research and teaching to encompass crucial and contemporary issues affecting the planet and a growing global population.

This work extends from local to regional, state to national and international as it informs understanding, guidance and policy on issues such as water supply, sustainable tourism and business practices, the future of the Great Barrier Reef, global warming, agriculture, industry and much more.

Thanks to your generosity, Griffith University can continue to show leadership, enhance knowledge and drive change towards ensuring a more sustainable approach to living, creating positive impacts from the smallest ecosystems to the largest cities, and striving for outcomes that benefit the world itself and its peoples.


Help make a positive change in people's lives now and into the future.

Centre for Coastal Management

Helping communities to build coastal resilience, protect the environment and plan for the future.

Australian Rivers Institute

Delivering positive solutions for aquatic ecosystems, the Institute is a world leader in research and education on rivers, coasts and catchments.

Climate Change Response

Leading Griffith's research into climate change adaptation and mitigation through the generation of integrated research.

Under the sea

Taking a deep dive into the ocean to better understand the different roles of marine species and engage the public in scientific research.


Focusing on the sustainable management of coastal challenges in urban areas, our research expertise spans coastal engineering plus urban catchment, floodplain and water resource management.

Partner with us: we have a number of ongoing and successful collaborations with industry and research organisations, and are open to more.



Providing a creative and collaborative environment that fosters the next generation of ecosystem scientists, supports sustainability and promotes conservation of the world’s natural resources.

  • Contribute to our vital research and help preserve our waterways for future generations



Enabling climate change problems to be addressed in a comprehensive manner and often in conjunction with our international partners.

Fuelled by philanthropy:

  • Primary forests and climate change
  • Whales in a changing climate
  • EcoAdapt



Griffith researchers work in world-class research centres, institutes and schools to better understand marine species and how they interact with our world.

  • Sea jelly research: helping to discover the role of sea jellies in the ocean, how sea jellies are responding to climate change, and how sea jellies and humans can live together.
  • Sea turtle research: researching the impact of human exploitation and habitat destruction on sea turtle populations.
  • Whale research: growing whale populations in the aftermath of long-term exploitation in the whaling industry has given researchers the opportunity to explore the role whales play in sustaining healthy oceans.


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Griffith-led project to address impacts on catchments

Griffith’s Australian Rivers Institute (ARI) was awarded the $1 million funding over four years from philanthropic body the Ian Potter Foundation into ARI-developed tool, the Building Catchment Resilience Project.

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