Focusing on the sustainable management of coastal challenges in urban areas

Established in 1999 as the Griffith Centre for Coastal Management by Foundation Director, Emeritus Professor Rodger Tomlinson, the new Coastal and Marine Research Centre - led by Professor Rod Connolly - continues to help communities to build coastal resilience, protect the environment and plan for the future, while expanding to include marine science with an increased focus on areas such as water quality, seagrasses, nutrients, invertebrates and fishes. Our research expertise spans coastal engineering plus urban catchment, floodplain and water resource management.

Our specialists are also qualified in analysing coastal processes, as well the impacts of climate change on coastlines.

Through our wide-ranging research programs, community engagement initiatives and powerful partnerships, we put theory into practice for the greater good.

Coastal Resilience Short Course

Professional development focused on coastal dynamics

Research themes

Our major projects are grouped under six strategic research programs:

  • Estuarine modelling
  • Coastlines
  • Coastal ocean dynamics
  • Climate change impact and adaptation
  • Infrastructure and technology
  • Catchments and waterways


Dedicated to pioneering research by identifying and targeting priority erosion sources, developing applied methods to effectively manage sediment and water quality within our rivers and catchments, and with a focus on catchments that flow to the Great Barrier Reef.

Blue Economy CRC

The Blue Economy CRC brings together, for the first time, national and international expertise in aquaculture, marine renewable energy and marine engineering as part of a single, collaborative project. Through integration of the knowledge and expertise across these sectors, this CRC is paving the way for innovative, commercially viable and sustainable offshore developments that will see step changes in marine renewable energy output and seafood production.

Coastal management

Eighty per cent of Australians live near the coast, and if you look at our major cities they’re all on the coast, particularly here on the Gold Coast where we have ocean and inland waterways as well. The resilience of these sorts of communities is critical to their future.

Making Waves

Discover how Griffith University is helping coastal communities adapt to the changing environment in this video produced by BBC StoryWorks as part of the International Association of Universities  ‘Aiming Higher’ Series

Our experts

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Coastal community engagement

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