Supporting student transition and success in the clinical years of dentistry

Commencing clinical activities in the third year of study can be highly stressful for our mentees. Connecting with an experienced mentor can help alleviate some of this stress. Our mentors have already overcome these challenges and their perspectives and experiences can support mentee transition, as well as provide valuable insight and support.

This program is based at the Gold Coast campus.

Our mentors

Our mentors are fourth-year dentistry students selected on the quality of their curriculum vitae, their GPA score, referees’ consultation and interview with our program coordinators.

Mentors usually dedicate three hours a week for mentoring junior students in the clinic, six hours a trimester for meetings with program coordinators (presenting mini-lectures, posters, clinical cases and critical reviews of scientific articles) and two hours a week of home study related to the program.

Mentoring benefits

Since this program commenced in 2011, feedback from students and teaching staff has been overwhelmingly positive with benefits for both mentor and mentees.

We hope the positive exposure to clinical mentoring will also motivate students to consider a career in academic dentistry, a field we need to nurture.

Some of our ex-mentors have been offered part-time positions as clinical/simulation tutors in our school.

Program coordinators

For more information on this program, contact one of our coordinators for details.

Dr Vanessa Reher

Health Center G40_7.60

(07) 5678 0720

Professor Peter Reher

Health Centre G40_7.83

Dr Mark Storrs

Health Centre G40_7.57

(07) 5678 0755

Dr Matthew Yakimoff

Health Centre G40_7.24

(07) 5678 0794

Mentoring roles

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