This program aims to produce rewarding learning experiences for first-year students, help them overcome difficulties and create a sense of community

The Griffith Architecture and Design Mentoring Program was developed to help students gain support from each other while being mentored in small groups throughout their first year of architectural study, especially in the early weeks.

As part of the program, commencing students connect with an experienced student mentor, who can provide practical guidance and understanding, help navigate university systems, promote learning and social events, and generally help students settle into the university and studio environment.

Peer mentoring programs bring significant benefits to both mentors and mentees. In particular, students can attain a higher level of academic achievement and are more likely to complete and pass first-year courses.

Mentoring program benefits

If you're a commencing student, our mentoring program can benefit you with:

  • an increased sense of belonging
  • an increased understanding of first-year courses and assessment expectations
  • an opportunity to become more actively involved in your own learning experience
  • an opportunity to explore different approaches to using individual study time
  • an opportunity to form a support network to help you become a confident and independent learner.

Peer mentors

Our peer mentors:

  • are highly engaged and motivated second to fifth-year architecture students
  • have attended university provided peer mentor training
  • are heavily involved in the Architecture Orientation Program and First-Year Workshops
  • provide support to commencing students both in the undergraduate and masters architecture programs.

Program coordinator

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Maree Lauder

Mentoring roles

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