• Enter your staff number and portal password at the login page
  • From the Griffith home page select the Staff menu item and then select Staff email
  • From the Griffith staff portal select Staff email from the "Connect Here" menu on the left navigation

Log into Outlook

Outlook how to guides

Outlook is the ultimate tool to enhance organisation and productivity. Outlook is used to access email and incorporates the management of information including email, calendar and people all in one place.

Log into Outlook

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How to guides for email

  • Move from Google to Outlook
  • Send an email
  • Set an out of office
  • Set up an email signature
  • Canned email messages
  • ... and more

Shared mailbox

Shared mailboxes are useful when multiple staff are working together on a project or task and need all the emails to be located in a single account. This keeps your shared emails separate from your work emails. Up to 25 staff can access a shared mailbox to view, forward, reply and file emails.

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Setting up an email signature?

Refer to Griffith Branding Guidelines for signature structure


Access your staff email and calendar on your mobile device.

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Outlook Calendar

Primarily you use your calendar for managing appointments and meetings. You can create multiple calendars, link to other people's calendars, and share your calendar with other people.

You can view your calendar four different ways, (Day, Work week, Week and Month). You can delegate access to your calendar and suggest event locations and meetings rooms, meeting RSVP tracking, multiple time zones, directory details and Bcc (blind carbon copy) warning.

Calendar How to's

Google Calendar - bookings after 2 July

If you have booked a resource (such as a meeting room) through your Google Calendar, bookings from 2 July until 13 July will be secured for you.

Any existing bookings after 16 July will show the resource as being booked in your Outlook calendar, however the booking will not appear in the Outlook room calendar. Therefore, all resources booked after 16 July (in Google Calendar) will need to be rebooked in your Outlook Calendar.

You can view a list of existing Google resources that are affected, see Google Calendar. Note: all virtual rooms will also need to be rebooked.

Staff Calendars

  • Academic Calendar

    The Academic Calendar is updated annually and contains the semester information and important study dates for the academic year.

  • Meeting Free Weeks Calendar

    Each year, the University's Executive Group approves a number of meeting free weeks which take into account the Universities Australia Common Weeks and Griffith's Academic Calendar vacation weeks.

Student Calendars


Use the people page to view, create, edit, find, and delete all your contacts.

People How to's

About staff accounts

All staff are provided with an Outlook account while employed at Griffith.

To access your email enter your staff number and portal password.

Access to staff email is automatically removed effective from the date you cease employment. It is not possible to have access beyond the term of employment. Therefore it is important to read Leaving Griffith University before your  termination date.

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