We have a suite of tools available to improve work efficiency and make it easier to work together to achieve common goals.

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Find out more about email in Outlook 365 for active Griffith students and staff.  Find out about how to access your account and information about Mimecast, the Griffith email security system

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You can access free online training in the various versions of Microsoft Office. Step-by-step instructions and videos are available in Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office products that allow you to improve your digital skills. Microsoft Virtual Academy offers free online training to help develop your skills. Access training in Excel, PowerPoint, visualisation, analysis and more.

Griffith's Information Management Framework and Governance

Griffith University’s Information Management Framework aims to embed a consistent, whole-of-University approach to managing our information assets. The Framework encourages the effective stewardship of data to better assist the University to meet its strategic objectives and ensure that our valuable information and data assets are managed appropriately.

Email, Calendar & People

Outlook is the ultimate tool to enhance organisation and productivity. Outlook is used to access email and incorporates the management of information including email, calendar and people all in one place.

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Collaboration Tools

We have a suite of services that allows you to work together on common projects with Griffith staff, students or external colleagues.

Find out about our collaboration tools Collaboration Tools

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Chat* in Teams
  • Forms
  • Yammer: Coming Trimester 3
  • * Find out about Microsoft upgrading Skype functions to Teams

    Google groups

    Google Groups will continue to be available until 2020, but groups are only able to be used to share google drive documents and sites.

    About Google Groups Google Groups

    Online storage

    Managing your storage is now easier with a suite of online storage options available.  You can keep your Griffith data safe, while still be able to access it anywhere, anytime and from any device.

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    Find out about our online storage tools

    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Sharepoint

    Dropbox Business

    Dropbox for Business*

    *Dropbox Business accounts are only approved by the University if there is a legitimate business reason.

    Google Drive

    Google Drive allows you to easily store your photos, documents, slides, drawings, sheets or videos. You can quickly invite others to view, download and collaborate.

    Access to your Griffith Google Drive will continue into 2020, when a project will commence to move the data to a Microsoft supported platform. In the meantime your files in Google Drive can still be reached from any mobile device or computer.

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    About Google Drive


    Managing your time effectively is now easer with our supported planning tools.  You can use these tools to organise team work, plan and assign tasks, create diagrams and chats.

    Available Planning Tools

    • Microsoft Tasks
    • To-Do
    • Planner
    • Visio
    • Project

    Access planner tools

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    Create and manage you digital content in a single repository that can be accessed by your colleagues.

    Find out about Content Management

    • Sharepoint Online
    • Sharepoint 2013
    • HPE Content Manager (CM9)

    Google Sites

    Available until 2019, Google Sites are an easy way to make information accessible to others online they allow you to display a variety of information in one place - including videos, slideshows, presentations, attachments, and test and share it for viewing or editing with a others.

    Google Sites

    Reporting, Development and Analytics

    Access a suit of tools to improve your analysis of data or statistics.

    Find out about Reporting, Development and Analytics

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    • Tableau
    • Power Apps
    • Flow
    • Power BI

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