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Named a ‘top innovator’ globally for action on climate justice by the World Economic Forum, the Climate Justice Observatory online resource will empower impacted communities to contribute to local solutions.

The Climate Justice Observatory

Launching late 2022, the Climate Justice Observatory will bring together human rights methodologies of observatories: the provision of reliable information, equity data, climate modelling, long-form journalism and multidisciplinary expert analysis.

The online resource will allow citizens to monitor issues, map local problems and crowd-source solutions, while providing campaign resources.

Based in Queensland, the Climate Justice Observatory will also be able to monitor and track the development of laws, policies and justice interventions in this region, adding value to existing global resources. The Climate Justice Observatory has been named a ‘top innovator’ contributing to climate justice globally by the World Economic Forum.

Enter the Climate Justice Observatory

An introduction to the Climate Justice Observatory from Professor Susan Harris Rimmer of the Griffith University Climate Action Beacon.

Leaving Coonabarabran - Who will be Australia's climate refugees?

Griffith Review (online) has a published a thoughtful and personal piece from Prof Susan Harris Rimmer, the Founder of the Observatory, about her hometown in Central West New South Wales, the events that have impacted her and the community, and the climate justice questions these events have raised.

Where are we at with climate justice?

People here in Australia and around the world are experiencing the consequences of climate change in real time, including displacement from their homes.

How are we dealing with climate change and it's impact on our lives, can the law help, and what else can we do to improve climate justice for those most affected?

Hear from Prof Susan Harris Rimmer in this interview with Hilary Harper on Life Matters.

9 ingenious climate solutions helping vulnerable communities

Observatory founder, Professor Susan Harris Rimmer

Professor Harris Rimmer has previously been involved in a number of Group of 20 (G20) Summit engagement groups: C20, the G20’s civil society engagement group; Think20, the G20’s think tank engagement group and; W20, the G20’s gender equality engagement group. Professor Harris Rimmer has also been named one of the 100 most influential people in gender policy by Apolitical.

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