Our future


Our economic, social and environmental systems are facing unprecedented risks and opportunities.


Society is not sufficiently organised or prepared to deal with the complex and wide-spanning impacts of climate change, and there is no clear blueprint for action.


Almost all sectors are calling for climate action to ensure a sustainable, secure and prosperous future.


A strategic, coordinated and just transition for society towards a net-zero emissions and climate resilient future.

The market

Risk management

Avoided losses through effective risk management.

  • Legal risks
  • Economic and financial risks
  • Social and cultural risks
  • Environment risks
  • Physical risks

Sustainable development

Securing market share with a low-carbon world.

  • Innovation
  • New markets
  • Green finance
  • New technology
  • Clean growth

Social impact

Delivering climate action that translates into positive social outcomes.

  • Widening participation
  • Equity and inclusion
  • New partnerships
  • Building agency
  • A common agenda

Our purpose

The Climate Ready Initiative is a partnership-based social impact initiative focused on preparing society for its transition toward a net-zero emissions and climate-resilient future.

Our vision is to create a climate ready society that:

bar graph

Understand and accepts the case for climate action.

hands holding soil

Takes responsibility for climate change and the need for action.

mapping with many connecting points

Works together to take effective and just climate action.

outline of australia

Is transitioning to net-zero emissions and climate resilient future.

Our opportunity

A platform for engagement

A clear and legitimate platform from which society can engage with and collaborate on climate action.

Become a recognised leader

An opportunity to become a leader on climate action in Australia

Influence our future

A chance to influence what an effective and just climate ready society looks like.

Create new societal value

A unique moment in time to align operational values with those of society and the environment.

Our plan

Build the partnership, investment model and activities required to create a climate-ready Australia, with a focus on five key areas.


Ensuring our public sector will be capable of delivering public good services under a changing climate and preparing society for the transition towards net-zero emissions and climate resilient future.


Ensuring our economy is adequately assessing, disclosing, pricing and addressing climate risks and opportunities.

Business and industry

Ensuring our business and industry are well positioned to manage climate risks and capitalise on a low-carbon future.


Empowering and supporting communities to understand and respond to climate risks and the low-carbon transition.


Ensuring that a transition and climate resilient future results in a thriving natural environment.

Our people

Rosemary Addis AM

Chair and Social Impact Adviser

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Prof Brendan Mackey

Deputy Chair and Climate Change Adviser

Read bio for Brendan Mackey

John Hewson AM

Sustainable Finance Adviser

Read bio for John Hewson

Tony Mcavoy SC

Law and Justice Adviser

Read bio for Tony Mcavoy

Ann Sherry AO

Corporate Sustainability Adviser

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Helen Szoke AO

Equity and Inclusion Adviser

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Sophia Hamblin Wang

Innovation and Technology Adviser

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Sam Mackay

Executive Director

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Find out more

If you would like to find out more about the Climate Ready Initiative or how to partner with us, please contact us.

+61 7 5678 0319