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Our research highlights demonstrate the quality of our findings, while our Research Plan sets the high performance standards we expect of our researchers. Our extensive network of research centres and institutes, which span a diverse array of disciplines, help facilitate our research excellence.

Coronavirus – Information for Researchers

Visit this webpage for the latest advice for staff and HDR candidates about COVID-19 impacts and options as they relate to your research activities.

Message from the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)

Griffith has sealed its reputation as one of Australia's leading comprehensive research universities with strengths ranging from the creative arts, social sciences and humanities through to the physical and natural sciences, engineering and IT , health and medicine.

Professor Mario Pinto

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research)

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Research impact

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Griffith Open Research Statement

Griffith University aims to make a major contribution to society through high quality, ground-breaking research. Griffith is making an explicit commitment to foster an Open Research culture within the University to help drive greater societal and economic impact from that research. Our research and scholarship will be accessible both within and beyond the academy so as to advance scientific knowledge and understanding, inform public debate, and provide access to the public who fund research through their taxes.

The University’s Griffith Research Online (GRO) repository and other advisory and support services facilitate this commitment to the practice of Open Research. This aligns Griffith with national and international initiatives that foster open publication, as required by funding bodies such as the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council, as well as international funding bodies.

According to the CWTS Leiden Ranking, Griffith ranked 12th in Australia for open access to its research in 2020, and ranked at 281 internationally for open access–Griffith aspires to be in the top 200 by 2025. Collectively, GRO has registered more than 20 million downloads as of 2020. While more than 54 per cent of GRO records provide open access to full text outputs, Griffith can still improve.

The University recognises contributions from researchers at all career stages, working collaboratively across a wide range of disciplines. Across this spectrum, different cultural settings influence both the capacity for, and the appropriateness of, full Open Research. The University supports the academic freedom of researchers to pursue new knowledge, and to choose the best means of dissemination; but within that free choice, the University encourages researchers to make the outputs of their research and, where appropriate, the accompanying data, “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”.

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Research centres and institutes

Explore our vast network of research centres and institutes, which are responsible for much of our research output.

Research and Innovation Plan

Griffith's Research Plan 2021-2025 is designed to support researchers and research trainees to strive for greater heights in academic excellence, innovation and delivering impact.

Research experts

Griffith Experts is your complete guide to our academic and research expertise. Here you can search for an expert and get in touch, as well as find details on projects, publications, datasets and more.

Gender Equality Research Network

Working closely with Griffith Athena Swan, the Gender Equality Research Network comprises outstanding early to mid-career research scholars in the Arts, Education and Law, and Griffith Business School disciplines.

Research news

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