Providing award programs to overseas students

Transnational teaching is defined as provision of award programs to overseas students, outside Australia. Griffith transnational programs are those taught by Griffith outside Australia, usually in partnership with an overseas institution or organisation.


Griffith’s transnational education policies can be found in the Policy Library. Listed below are the key transnational education policies:

The quality of TNE programs is governed by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) which is Australia’s independent national quality assurance and regulatory agency for higher education. TEQSA safeguard student interests and the reputation of Australia’s higher education sector by assuring the quality of higher education providers through a proportionate, risk-reflective approach to regulation.

Griffith staff who are considering opportunities for TNE delivery should contact Ms Heidi Piper (Director, Griffith International) for initial discussions.


The IEAA has a number of networks one of which is the Transnational Education Network, which provides a forum to exchange views and ideas about TNE strategy, policy and practice – including compliance with Australian and host country legal requirements – and encourages participation across all sectors of the industry

The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education

The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education is a higher education think tank with institutional members across 30 countries. OBHE offer analysis on trends, business models and policy frameworks. Their purpose is to provide strategic intelligence for education leaders and policymakers attempting to navigate the opportunities and threats of borderless higher education. Further information about Griffith’s membership to OBHE is available from Ms Renee Beauchamp, Senior Executive Officer to the Vice President (Global).

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