Our vision at GRIDD is to be a world-leading drug discovery hub that:

  • Recruits and supports outstanding people
  • Provides an inclusive environment and exceptional resources for lead drug discovery and characterisation
  • Partners effectively with stakeholders to facilitate translational outcomes.

Our purpose

Creating knowledge that transforms lives.

Mission statement

We achieve our purpose by:

  • Targeting the world’s most devastating diseases.
  • Working together to solve fundamental and applied problems.
  • Innovating at the chemistry-biology interface.
  • Fostering the next generation of scientists.
  • Supporting unique state-of-the-art research platforms.
  • Collaborating across academia, community, government, health and industry.

Equity and diversity

GRIDD is one of Griffith University’s champions of gender equity in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine, ensuring women reach their full potential.

History and people

Formerly the Eskitis Institute, GRIDD comprises more than 130 research, administrative and support staff.


Explore our facilities at GRIDD, including some of the major equipment that supports us in our quest for drug discovery.

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